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Re: [SLE] Novell Linux Leaders Flee
  • From: Ben Higginbottom <benh.suse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 10:24:46 +0100
  • Message-id: <1f3649f605052002242d50f2bf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 5/19/05, Greg Freemyer <greg.freemyer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The IBM work with Redhat that I have read about over the last year has
> been an attempt to get Redhat to catch up to SuSE. After all IBM
> would like to give its customers a choice of Distros for the big
> iron..

Also recall that Sun recently announced that RedHat = Linux (makes you
wonder just where they hold their marketing meetings), and IBM have
been looking for a way to get some payback against Sun for a while

Also 2am's 'analysis' ignores that RHAS2 is coming to end of life at
the end of the year, ES3 is creaky and their support contracts, unlike
suse's, do not include a free upgrade path to the latest versions so
of course their sales are up.

He also fails to understand that the Linux marketplace is Service
based as opposed to Sales, not to mention the rather extensive
disparity in the pricing models of Suse vs RedHat (Certainly sir,
here's your copy of ES4 for $$$$$, oh you need JBoss on that, that
would be the AS pack for $$$$, and you'll want to keep it up to date
for $$$, and your running Oracle on it as well, well you really need
our special FS for $$$$$$...).

RedHat's real key is their RHCE program, the software may be so so but
the training is excellent, unfortunately most of those being put
through the mill (that I've seen) tend to come from a Windows
background as opposed to a Unix and are less inclined to go playing
with other distros. Once Novel's or LPI's training program's have
caught up (and Novel switch away from netware migrators) hopefully
this will change.



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