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Please Help ! gtk fonts
  • From: "B. Stia" <usr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 00:48:32 -0400
  • Message-id: <200505220048.32244.usr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello SuSE people,

There has to be somebody out there that knows the answer to this. There
was a previous thread on this topic that resulted in at least 20
replies, but no fix. I have googled forever and find nothing. I've read
howto's and did a man on everything I could think of.

Short recap: Changed my old 17" monitor running at 800x600 for a new 21"
tft-lcd monitor that is run at 1600x1200. Verified that the lcd and the
system have the same dpi/resolution. All of the KDE stuff was
reconfigurable to increase font sizes and icons to a satisfactory
useable size. Runniing 5 apps that utilize gtk. All of the fonts in
these 5 apps are so teeny they are practically unuseable. (Note: Can
increase the dpi significantly and the app will appear much larger but
the fonts remain the same)

I am convinced, and PLEASE tell me if I am wrong, that the dpi has
nothing to do with the font size utilized. There must be some kind of
system wide control to change the fonts in ALL of these apps.

I had this same problem several years ago and could be solved by running
gnomecc and/or by changing settings manually in gtrkrc. gnomecc
no longer exists and for some reason I do not have .gtkrc or .gtkrc-2
installed in my home user directory.

Someone suggested gtk-qt-engine which is supposedly an applet to resolve
these things between KDE and the gtk apps. Can't figure out how to run
it and it is installed.

Found an app called Qt Settings (is that the gtk-qt-engine interface?)
which I ran and appears as that should do what is needed. Does not
reset anything. Also, I know that UserChrome.css supposedly can be used
for Firefox and NVU to set user preferences. That doesn't seem to work
either but maybe I am not doing it correctly. That leaves 3 other apps
that don't have that configurability even if it did work.

Just don't know what to do anymore. I have spent days on this. Someone
has to know the answer. Please help. Half the apps I use every day
aren't really useable. I really need a Guru to step in here and hold my

Bob S.

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