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Re: [SLE] Please Help ! gtk fonts -Solved !!
On Mon, 2005-05-23 at 01:32 -0400, B. Stia wrote:
> On Sunday 22 May 2005 00:48, B. Stia wrote:
> Hello SuSE people,
> To all who have followed this saga, under 3 different threads,with 75 or
> more suggestions, advice, and ideas, Thank You !!! This list is the
> greatest.
> After reading each and every post and trying each for the solution I
> found out that I did not have gnome-control-center installed. Went into
> Yast, did a search, and installed it. That allowed me to configure and
> change font sizes of all of my gtk applications except Igloo-FTP-Pro.
> Firefox, NVU, GQView and Gimp all are useable now.
> To all who advised me it would be in Control Center; it was not and is
> not. gnome-control-center must be run from the command line.
> It kind of bugs me that we have to "discover" these things on our own.
> There is not a word anywhere from SuSE about these things and their
> solutions. At least I could not find any. Again, thank God for this
> wonderful list or I would have been back to Windows years ago. You are
> all great people who are willing to share in the problem solving. I
> sincerely hope that there are SuSE people watching this list, note the
> strange problems and the solutions to them to improve the distro.
> Felix,
> I discovered the "control-center" from your post. After installing, as
> stated above, it did not show up in the KDE Control Center. I had to
> experiment from the command line to get it to run, which ended up being
> gnome-control-center. Thank you, thank you. FYI, I found QT Settings
> by accident when I tried to open an app with the tilde at the end.
> Again not in KDE Control Center. Opened at the command line. Still
> don't know what it does though.
> Andreas,
> What I installed was 5.9. I am going to recover from this though,
> before I go upgrading. Will let you know if 6.0 shows up in the KDE
> Control Center.
> Kevin,
> Yes I did read your post, with great interest and investigation I might
> add. Since I did not have a ~/gtkrc or a ~/gtkrc-2 it didn't help me.
> or so I thought. I replied to you on the 21st. Still don't have those
> files even though it is now working.
> Randall,
> Nope there's no gnomecc, gnome-control-center etc. in my 9.2. And
> believe me, I searched !! It would have saved me lots of pain if it
> had been. And you are right. the 1600x1200 digital lcd is absolutely
> gorgeous.
> Trey,
> Don't know what to tell you. I certainly know the pain. Try to run
> gnome-control-center and Qt Settings from the command line. Maybe it
> will help you. I believe now, not sure, that the gtk-qt-engine may just
> be a "blind" unconfigurable app. After reading the file it appears
> that it just integrates stuff from gtk when you make changes to KDE
> themes, etc.
> Again thanks to all of you, including the dozens of names I don't
> rmember at this moment.
> Bob S.

My particular issue has been fixed by removing the gtk-qt package. Once
that was done, KDE respected to colors for messages and folders.


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