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Re: [SLE] Root password corrupt?
  • From: Michael James <Michael.James@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 15:56:05 +1000
  • Message-id: <200505261556.05928.Michael.James@xxxxxxxx>
On Thu, 26 May 2005 03:26 pm, suse_gasjr4wd@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Problem box-
> Standard install...not too much funky but all suse stuff. 9.0

> This is the third time I can't log in as admin on this box.
"admin"? Do you mean "root"?

> During the installs,
> it asks me if I want to encrypt the passwords,
> I hit yes. Is that a mistake?

Linux always encrypts the passwords,
choices for encryption are: crypt, md5, and blowfish.
Which one you use doesn't affect reliability
but crypt is probably a bit insecure these days.

> I'm getting tired of doing reinstalls.

Hey, you're not running windows any more,
the only reason I have EVER re-installed SuSE
is to get the latest greatest version.

> I'm running 9.0 on this box.
Not the LGV but fine fine.

> Even sitting right in front of the box,
> my password doesn't work.
> (and yes, I checked caps lock) ;\

So are you trying to log in as root at the main login screen?
or are you trying for a samba share (that's very different).

> *Would changing keyboards and mice all the time affect it?
> I donĀ¹t keep them connect until I need to...
> most of the time it's up and running...
> and I may not use the same ones.

If your keyboard switched into a different locale
it could mean the keys aren't what is written on them.
Try typing your password into the username space where you can see it,
does it come out correct?

> Anything before I reinstall the OS???

Plenty, it is possible you have lost control of the root password,
ie; the encrypted string in the shadow file
isn't anything you will ever guess.

As long as you have physical control of the machine
you can boot a rescue system,
mount the root partition and edit a new password into /etc/shadow.

The rescue system will be on CD1 from ANY version of SuSE.

If you need more instructions, ask,

Michael James michael.james@xxxxxxxx
System Administrator voice: 02 6246 5040
CSIRO Bioinformatics Facility fax: 02 6246 5166

Internet Explorer is fine for downloading Firefox,
but after that....

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