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  • From: Allen <gorebofh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 21:17:34 -0400
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OK, why is this guy not kicked off this list? There have been multiple
discussions on the list about this email addy, did anyone send a mail to

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Subject: Re: [SLE] SUSE 9.3: buggy as hell

On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 07:24:31PM -0700, Preston Crawford wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-05-06 at 18:47 -0700, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> > On 5/6/05, Preston Crawford <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > That's very odd. And I guess it proves the point of some other posters
> > > here, that sometimes some people have bugs that others never ever see.
> > > Because I've never seen this one. 9.2 has been very smooth for me, on
> > > the balance.
> >
> > Yeah. I kind of figured no one had seen this problem because I posted
> > to the list a couple times about it and no one responded. :)
> >
> > Doesn't matter now.. 9.2 is a bad memory for me.
> Weird. I'm scared to go to 9.3, personally. I've even thought about NLD.
> $50 and all. I was thinking about this yesterday and maybe I do need to
> adopt a mindset similar to what another poster said when they said they
> install all their own major software. Maybe I just need to find a distro
> with a solid kernel, GUI and userland and then just install my own
> software. I kind of did this when I ran Fedora. Relied on them for the
> basic distro functionality such as the Desktop Manager, web browser,
> mail client, etc. then installed my own Apache, MySQL, Java, Tomcat,
> etc.
> > > the fact that suddenly I had 20 libraries I may never need sitting on my
> > > machine taking up space. I'll always prefer binary packaging.

pkg_add -r

> > We tested FreeBSD with the custom software we are build and Linux was
> > about 30% faster... which hacked off one of my co-workers who is a
> > freeBSD person. *laugh*
> That doesn't shock me. I found it fast for some things, but I've met
> many in the FreeBSD community who admit it's slower. They'll say it's
> because of the task switching in FreeBSD being bad and I think they're
> right. 5.x may be better and faster. But it's still true, regardless of
> cause.

5.X is mainly for SMP. The toher improvements they need to concentrate
with are hardware support / drivers, and something for updates better than
what they have now.

> > One can do pkgs with Gentoo but then what would be the point to using
> > it? If one uses the pkgs then it's just an infant Linux distro with a
> > way smaller userbase the SUSE or RH. :)

I won't even start on Gentoo. I can't stand it, or their user base.

> Totally.
> Preston
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