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RE: [SLE] PostgreSQL 8.01 Proble/Question

I don't know if you found the answer to this or not. I had the same problem
and here is what I did to fix it.

1. Hopefully, you did a pg_dumpall on your old database(s)
2. You need to delete your data directory
3. cd /usr/bin
4. su postgres
5. Do an ./initdb on your data directory using the -D option
6. exit
7. rcpostgresql - Voila
8. reload your data either using pg_restore (if you put it out in the right
format, which of course I didn't) or psql -U postgres template1 < dump.file.


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Subject: [SLE] PostgreSQL 8.01 Proble/Question


I have just installed SuSE 9.2 PostgreSQL 8.01 RPMs from:

Unfortunately, PostgreSQL seem to be not running... Calling rcpostgresql
or /etc/init.d/postgresql scripts return nothing for start, stop, restart,
etc. Like nothing happen.

Anyone have an idea what might be wrong?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion(s).

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***   Andrei Verovski (aka MacGuru)
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