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Re: [SLE] An apology to the list
  • From: Hartmut Meyer <hartmut.meyer@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 17:06:12 +0100
  • Message-id: <200503031706.17584.hartmut.meyer@xxxxxx>

On Thursday 03 March 2005 16:32, Jeffrey Laramie wrote:
> > J> Let's hear a defense of this policy that doesn't include grade school
> > J> arguments like "munging is bad" and "because that's the way we do it
> > J> here".
> >
> > Why, do you have that much time to waste as to harp on such a mundane
> > issue? Why do you think anyone has to defend "this policy?" This is the
> > way it is, it will not change, nor will you change it for this list, or
> > any EZMLM driven mail list. You have two choices, we all have choices,
> > either change email clients or find another list to your liking.
> You're entitled to your opinions, but once again this is a "because that's
> the way it is" answer. You may find this thread annoying but so far the
> majority thinks this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Yes - and if the policy were to be changed than the majority of comments would
be from people that want it back to the way it is now.

Want a bet?

Well, we'll never find out because it won't be changed. So unfortunately I
can't prove my point ;-)

Anyway, there are reasons for both ways. And I won't even try and convince you
or anybody else of the superiority of my reasons. But is obvious that there
are people on both sides that are _convinced_ that "their way" is the right

And guess what: this is also true for the peple that operate this list.

Now if they are _convinced_ that the setup is right (and they are convinced of
that - and it may as well be noted that they do know a damn lot more about
the topic than most of us), does anybody seriously expect them to change the

So you may as well just accept the setup. You may also secretly hope for the
day that another listadmin will be convinced of the reply-to-list policy. But
until then there won't be a change. No reasoning on your side will change

Greetings from Stuhr

BTW: they are right ;-)

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