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Re: now alternate sending addresses /was An apology
  • From: Gary <not-valid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 16:18:22 -0600
  • Message-id: <81241599.20050303161822@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Martin,

On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 22:48:44 +0100 UTC (3/3/2005, 3:48 PM -0600 UTC my time), Martin Cleaver wrote:

M> Much of my messages to the Suse list have come back because I sent them
M> from the wrong address... Most mailing lists can allow alternate sending
M> addresses ( I don't want an extra subscription) and is it possible to do
M> this with the Suse list too?

Suse uses EZMLM for its mailing lists... it is considered an advanced type
of list, utilizing VERP, etc. In order to answer your question, you have to
understand somewhat email in general. In that vein, generally an email (for
list purposes) is composed really of two parts, the envelope sender and the
From: sender.

Most email clients, when you send a message From: such and such..
automatically manufacturers the envelope sender as being from the same
address as the From: address. When you subscribe to any EZMLM list, what
happens is that the list program utilizes the envelope sender part for the
subscription, not the From: header. So, typically they will be the same
address. They can, however, be different if you wish, so you can put in an
envelope from address (which is only seen by EZMLM, and is secret) which is
different from your From: address (which is seen by the world).

An example would be the above with my email address... I subscribed under a
real email address from one of my domains, which is my secret envelope
sender address, while what you see is a fake From: address. This has the
added benefit of allowing me never receive any spam that is harvested from
this list, or any EZMLM list because what is shown publicly is not the
subscribed valid address. I have used three different From: addresses today
on this list. It also has the obvious benefit of letting you use any From:
address you can think of.

You can use any From: address you wish, as long as you chose an email client
that supports separating the envelope sender from address (sometimes called
Return-Path field), from the From: address. Two MUAs that come to mind which
allow this are Mutt in the unices, and The Bat in Windows. I am sure there
are others. HTH.


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