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Re: [SLE] Thunderbird segfault in 9.2
  • From: Jason Joines <joines@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 08:41:46 -0600
  • Message-id: <422873AA.7070507@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Catimimi wrote:

Jason Joines a écrit :

Catimimi wrote:


I suggest that you have a look to a thread I wrote in the first week of february. I explained esactly the same problem and the solution (!!) I found. Now it works as you can see.

If you don't find, let me know, I'll try to help you.



Before posting I searched for messages with subject containing thunder or seg and found nothing. I just searched for messages with catimimi in the sender and browsed through February but didn't find anything. Do you remember what the subject was? Apparently my Mozilla Mail search is broken. It didn't even find what I just posted. I'll search the web archives.



The last post was on february 8th and the subject was : help with Firefox and flashplayer !!!
but the problem of Thunderbird was described , below is a copy of my last contribution :

Hi Carl,

After a lot of trials, I succeed with Firefox and Thunderbird.

First I've to tell you that I use to manage RPMs and tarballs and that I have no
permissions problems. Very often I use tarballs when no RPM is available, and
I like to choose my compilations options.

So I used the French Firefox tarball, not the SuSE rpm, because I have better to speak French !
If I install it (as root) in a folder where I don't have (as user) the write permission, I get
the same warnings that with the RPM (!) but it works. If I link the libraries as you told me
and if I add my path ( I choosed /usr/local/firefox) in /etc/ and run ldconfig,
I'm able to use the plugins.

Same I copied (no install needed) French Thunderbird in folder /usr/local/thunderbird, add the path
in /etc/ and run ldconfig as root (absolutely necessary or thunderbird doesn't find the
libraries, I have no "segmentation fault", but if I accept to import the mozilla mail and parameters
Thunderbird crashes !! So I'd to recreate all my mail RSS and news accounts !

In fine, now I'm able to share Thunderbird folders with native Windows XP or with Windows XP guest
with VMware and my mail RSS and news are always synchronized.

Thanks again for your help.





Will I tried the tarball also but still have the same problem. In the meantime, Mozilla and Firefox continue to work just fine. Think I'll try to compile a copy of Thunderbird and see what happens.


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