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Re: list policy (was: An apology to the list)
  • From: Philipp Thomas <philipp.thomas@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 21:43:49 +0100
  • Message-id: <emgh21h0ekcj1sl6qkulm13j4mm6cau959@xxxxxxx>
Jeffrey Laramie <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [3 Mar 2005 08:50 -0500]:

>Any company which set rules for their *customers* on a whim will not

>While they are the list administrators the list is provided for our benefit.
>This is our list.

And that's where you gravely err. This still is SUSE's list, like it or
not. Should SUSE/Novell decide to discontinue this list, it would be
gone in the wink of an eye.

>We support the product, we contribute code, and we pay the salaries of
>the management and some of the coders with our purchases and

Stay on the floor, you pay part of it, not all.

>We have every right to let them know when we are happy/unhappy with one
>of their policies.

Then this list is the wrong place. Nearly no one of the SUSE/Novell
employees read this list.

>It is my belief that if a problem is identified in a mailing list then
>it should be discussed.

You can discuss all you like, it'll probably never reach those that
administrate this list.

>As previously discussed, many popular mail clients don't have this

Some MUA's (and those are quite popular in corporate environments))
don't support threading by using the In-Reply-To and References Header
entries, should we therefore abandon it?

Just because the programmers of a particular MUA seemingly don't have a
clue as to what is needed for proper communication doesn't make that any
kind of standard.

>Even the administrator admits this configuration is the "dark side".

You didn't get the joke, do you? Do such statements need some kind of
special tag so that you notice irony?

>take a survey of members (read *customers*)

Not every member of this list is a customer, at least not a paying
customer, as there are a number of people that use the FTP version.

>Ah, but this is a business, and in business, Patrick, everything is

This list isn't business! This list is a service for users of SUSE
Linux. And as far as technical things like munging Reply-To are
concerned there is no negotiation, it's that simple.

And BTW, even in business there are things that aren't negotiable.


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