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Re: [SLE] unsubscription
  • From: Brad Bourn <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 12:01:15 -0700
  • Message-id: <200503091201.15622.brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 09 March 2005 10:01 am, columbo@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Brad,
> The only problem is that the convention on this list is not to top post.
> It is an implicit (and, yeah, sometimes very explicit) agreement among
> the list members so that the flow of the conversation moves easily from
> screen to brain. Coupled with proper 'trimming' it makes for a thread
> that is much easier to read and maneuver through, especially if the
> reader primarily uses the keyboard, as opposed to the mouse, for
> navigational purposes (as many on this list do).

I don't agree (obviously).
Seems like the only people that comlain are the ones that need everyone to
conform to them. This doesn't make it an "agreement".

I tend to answer depending on the situation. This one, seemed to be better
answered with this format.

When I ask a quick, simple question, I don't want to see my post again, just
the answer (top post please). And, if the answer takes so long I forget what
I asked, I have the full quote below to reference.

I can find just as many documents written to support both methods.

> For example, if you are attempting to master karate it is a common
> tradition/convention to remove your shoes prior to entering the dojo.
> Those who do not remove their shoes are simply not given the courtesy
> or attention that those who follow the convention receive. Usually
> they would receive a request to remove their shoes and if they refused
> they would probably be expelled or, at the least, ignored. It's not a
> matter of 'personal choice'.

Depends on the thinking again. If someone believes in themselves (The karate
instructor), and they see someone not conforming, this would mean, *newbie*
or *new customer* and I would give them ~extra attention. Once, our
relationship gets established, and have agreed on a set of 'rules'. it may
then be considered disrespectful to behave differently than your word.

If someone is closed minded, and needs everyone to conform to them to have
them feel better, then I'm sure they would ignore this potential great
customer to avoid having to be respectful or make any effort themselves

Like this email, You obviously prefer bottom posting and trimming. I'm
respecting you with this style of reply. You deserve it because your stating
your *opinion*.

Would you be so quick to respond to someone using their style?

> On this list you have many Linux and Suse guru's who are intimately
> familiar with the inner beat of the kernel and this distribution. I
> would go out on a limb and state that nearly 100% of those experts find
> top posting annoying. I will also go out on a limb and state that the
> vast majority of those will 'PLONK' a list member who repeatedly
> ignores the conventions set up in this list. That would be a detriment
> to the list member who requires the assistance. S/he wouldn't receive
> any.

where are these conventions setup? I don't see my top-posted simple answers
being rejected from the list. Only people like Patrick Shanahan seem to
reply to a helpful post with, "thanks for the answer, but you used the wrong
style". Hell, if I need help, I don't care what style someone wants to help
me, I'll take it.

> So, in my long winded way, what I'm trying to say is that YOU will be
> the one looking through the glass at the rest of us when it comes to
> receiving free and almost instantaneous help from someone well versed
> in the ways of Linux/Suse.
> Hope this helps

how? bottom-posters have valid reasons for their style. top-posters can also
have reasons. because I have taken the time to listen to your reasoning for
bottom-posting, are you going to listen to mine?


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