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Re: [SLE] unsubscription
  • From: Brad Bourn <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 14:39:23 -0700
  • Message-id: <200503091439.23524.brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 09 March 2005 01:39 pm, Carlos E. R. wrote:
> rfc1855, Netiquette Guidelines.

and in this doc it states that you must use bottom posted trim quoted reply's
on suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx?

> > I don't see my top-posted simple answers
> > being rejected from the list.  Only people like Patrick Shanahan seem to
> > reply to a helpful post with, "thanks for the answer, but you used the
> > wrong style".  Hell, if I need help, I don't care what style someone
> > wants to help me, I'll take it.
> No, you don't see them. True, because many people dislike top-posting (I
> do) and will simply ignore those emails. They (we) might answer, and then
> we get cross at the top post response and forget the thread sooner.

No, I don't see them being rejected. In fact I see them more often than not
answered by just as knowlegable top-posters, as well as tolerant
bottom-posters. when people reply not provide an answer, or anything else
constructive, but only to criticize style is when I speak my mind.

> The thing is that Patrick speaks his mind. The rest, simply says nothing,
> and of those some act... ignoring those posters.

It has been my experience both relying on the open-source community and
contributing to it for my living for the past 5 years since i was brought to
the light, that it is easier to navigate search results in google to find
what your looking for when people top-post and full quote. you can usually
find the whole conversation in one place.

It can be alot easier to navigate top-posted full-quoted threads in mail
clients because they get sorted better with different conversations going on
between the OP and the contributors. All you have to do is highlight the
mail (with or without a mouse) and you see the next piece of the puzzle right
there AT THE TOP.

>Yes, I listen. But I can not accept it... it increases network and disk
>usage across many computers and servers, and increases the time I need to
>get the information I need to answer.

what do you mean? like I said, there is more information for email clients to
sort threads with. It is easier to navigate because each new piece of
information is always at the top.

Bottom line is that
middle-posting and extensive trimming is the worst.
mixed styles is the next worst
both top posting and bottom posting *can* be both just as easy
either top posting or bottom posting ~and~ full quoting is the best because it
solves both problems I specifically run into
a.) you find only one reply to a topic you want more information on in google
b.) either top or bottom as long as ALL replies are the same can be just as
easy to navigate, either above or below the extra (whole) conversation being
justified by reason a

takes up too much space/speed? give me a break! this is text!

When it comes to mixing both together, top, bottom, middle, full trim, full
quote, like when you get hits in google on a long thread, it is the
top-posting and full quoting that make it easier to navigate and find what
your looking for.

With the open-source community getting bigger, and the average newbie to linux
NOT being a newbie to computers in general, I personally think it would be
like shooting my livelyhood (the open-source community) in the foot by being
an elitist and griping to contributers about style. We should have way more
newbie professional / ex - MS folks than seasoned vets (hopefully read:linux
for the masses -- converts in droves) real soon. By taking such an annoyed
attitude you set yourself up for conflict and isolation.

This would be like a missionary rejecting converts in a forign (non english)
country for not speaking English. Or a karate instructor ignoring a customer
because they walked into the dojo with shoes on.

I'd hate to see linux (or SuSE) end up like M$ because they can't think or
accept any other way of thinking. Although I wouldn't expect you to
downright steal a top posted reply and claim it as your own.

Maybe more like SCO though, and sue mailing lists for not doing things your
way anymore instead.


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