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Re: [SLE] GPRS or CDMA wireless modem card
  • From: "Matt T." <Matt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 20:16:54 +0700
  • Message-id: <200503102016.54727.Matt@xxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 10 March 2005 09:15, Wang Penghui wrote:
> Hello everybody:
> Does anybody use GPRS or CDMA wireless netcard to connect to the
> internet successfully?

Yes. Sierra Wireless aircard 555 (CDMA) and 750 (GPRS), and Axen / Sagem GPRS

> If so, i wonder the follow questions:
> 1. Is it any necessary extra kernel modules to use it?


> 2. Any special configuration need to be set?

some little adaptions to /etc/pcmcia/config.opts

> 3. Any special software need to be installed?

For Axen / Sagem GPRS no. For Sierra Wireless a CIS file in /etc/pcmcia/cis.
can be downloaded from the sierra website. Use for 32bit Linux as is, for
64bit Linux you need a small adjustment in it. Easy though.

> 4. How about the quality of the connection. include the speed and
> bandwidth.

Depends on the provider of the service, and their network quality.

> 5. Is it any difference between the two methods to the above questions?

If you get EDGE, that's the fastest. Go for it. (Haven't tested it myself
though, but the sierra wireless cards are the same architecture for GPRS only
and for GPRS/ EDGE.

Next is CDMA. I can download most of the with 3 times the speed of a 56k modem
dial up line. Some latency. But downloading a 4 GB DVD in 4 days is no
problem. With a dialup line you need 12 days for the same download. I'm very
happy with it (of course ADSL would be better...)

GPRS is a solution which is good if you are on the road, but it is not as good
as a 56k modem dial up line. Sometimes terrible latency. Many timeouts. But
better than nothing.

> 6. I am in china. is it any differences from other countries?

Probably not. Check if EDGE or CDMA is available with a coverage in the area
where you need it, and affordable. If they give you limited downloads (such
as 300 MB / month) in a monthly subscription, that is probably not enough,
even for just surfing and email. Look for unlimited packages.

For cdma, of course you need to check that the data service is offered where
you need it. Sometimes there is coverage for voice, but not for data.

If you get GPRS only, the axen / sagem GPRS card is the easiest to install,
and works great.

> Thanks very much.
> Wang Penghui
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