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Re: [SLE] unsubscription [please, watch your language]
  • From: Brad Bourn <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 08:29:43 -0700
  • Message-id: <200503100829.43313.brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I realized that my quote was of the wrong person almost as soon as I
> hit send. My apologies. I had intended to flame the gomer who can't
> be bothered following list rules. People like that just get under my
> skin sometimes - they're (usually) asking for help, and they can't
> even be bothered being polite to the people they're asking for help.
> grrr..

If your referring to me as the original gomer. Let me point out how
interesting it is that I get labeled like this from people that don't even
take the time to see what is going on. Maybe it's because my replies that do
it are middle posted and trimmed so that they don't see the context.

People that have this anal "style cop" anger management problem are pretty

Search the archives.

I have helped more than I have asked.

If I see a question or message that I feel I can contribute to quickly and
simply, I'll simply reply and top post the answer. done. (the folks that
have me in /dev/null will no doubt see the answer eventually when the OP
posts their [SOLVED] I suppose, so no loss there).

If I see a post that needs more involved answer in context, I'll middle quote.
(I consider middle quoting almost like branching in revision control. makes
it a little more messy / complicated, but sometimes there isn't a better way)

when these "name calling" sessions come up. It has always been from someone
going out of their way to complain about my contribution because it wasn't
formatted correctly. NOT the OP. To which I will respond (following list
rules) trimmed and middle or bottom posted. So all my communication with
these people has been the way that they ask. Yet for sticking up for myself
when flamed, stating my beliefs, I get called names and added to /dev/null.

So these people that claim to be contributors, wanting to help people and
follow rules, do so by either only helping those that use their style or
tolerate their disrespect.
These are also the people that post stuff like RTFM and "Give me more info"
and, "I won't respond unless you format correctly", and name calling and all
the other dysfunctional stuff that comes from anger.

Have alot of fun! Right?


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