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Apache/MySQL/PHP Blues
  • From: columbo@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 12:27:05 -0500
  • Message-id: <200503101227.06240.columbo@xxxxxxxxxx>
Short version of question: How do I setup the user/groups for this
configuration so that they all talk and cooperate meanwhile keeping
things reasonably secure?

Longer version of question:

On my Suse 9.2 box I've successfully setup an HTML server using Apache
2.0.50, MySQL 4.0.21 using PHP 4.3.8. I'd like to administer MySQL
using phpMyAdmin locally or remotely. I printed out reams of
information a few weeks ago from the 'net as an aid to setting things
up as securely as possible but became totally confused as to the
privileges of the system users relative to each package. It's a little
bit disconcerting when you can remotely access your database with full
privileges as an anonymous user. :>

I was also frustrated by successfully installing another package
(Gallery 1.5rc1 or something) but the database not collecting/saving
the information.

I've also setup an SSH server but will deal with that after resolving my
current issues.

I walked away from it for awhile and now I'm ready to try again.

For clarification purposes:

User Group
apache apache
mysql mysql

Each package is pretty complex standing alone. I think that attempting
to tackle all of them in parallel caused information overload and
seized up my brain. Any pointers, warnings or gotchas would be very
much appreciated from anybody running that combination. I'm using
Webmin to configure (for the most part) the servers.



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