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Re: [SLE] How can I debug a PERL program ?
  • From: Maura Edelweiss Monville <memonvil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 08:49:31 -0500
  • Message-id: <423444EB.2020004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
pelibali wrote:


After commenting out more, than half of your program, it got
confirmed, that your $erg variable is always empty. Our programming
styles are slightly different, but you could solve your problem like

my($dummy, $erg, $MT, $ZA, $rest) = split( /\s+/, $line, 5);

So I added a first variable, which will be always empty, and increased
the number of fields produced to 5. Now everything should work.

More elegant solution would be to put the pieces of the line into an
array and simply skip it's element nr 0. Other similarly good solution
would be to send your line through a s/// regexp to get rid of the
leading space(s):

while (<INFILE>)
$line = ($_ =~ s/^\s+//);

Best regards,

Ps. Bug here:
# Open output file
open( OUTFILE, "> " . $outfile ) || die "ERROR: Can't open $infile:

It works but I had to replace : <>$line = ($_ =~ s/^\s+//);
with $line =~ s/^\s+//;

because the assignment operator "=" coupled with the substitution operator, returns the characters being substituted so I was getting all lines made up of a whitespace only.
Finally, in this simplest version, the Number of MT=18 records found by my PERL program coincides with the number found by just a bash shell command. ... which makes me feel confident that it does work.

Thanks to your precious help I've learnt something about PERL.
Thank you to you all.

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