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Re: [SLE] Sync'ing a Treo 600
  • From: Chadley Wilson <Chadley@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 08:29:47 +0200
  • Message-id: <200503140829.47624.Chadley@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 12 March 2005 10:55, David Krider wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-03-11 at 16:42, BandiPat wrote:
> > When you say you booted to SuSE 9.2 today, did you
> > just reboot the computer after having been running Win for two days or
> > was it a fresh cold boot to Linux?
> Good points, especially given that *something* is flaky in my machine. A
> reboot many times... doesn't. Something hangs my machine, and it will go
> dark, but not come back up. I have to hit the reset button -- and
> usually for a few seconds -- before it comes back up right. I've seen
> this when I reboot from both Windows and Linux, so 1) it's hardware, not
> software, and 2) there may, in fact, be something wrong with my
> motherboard.
> All that being said, I can't figure out why it DOES work the first time
> after rebooting on SuSE, and then it does NOT work again. Windows
> doesn't have this problem. If it were hardware-related, you'd think it
> would.
> Just a few hours after writing that last email, I blew away 9.2. I'm
> writing this from a GRP install of Gentoo on the same hardware, and it
> works each time I try it. (I only had to mknod's for the ttyUSB's.)
> Everything is working on Gentoo as expected. I'm just now going back and
> bootstrapping an optimized environment.
> I've tried Gentoo a couple times before, and problems with their ebuilds
> always finally pushed me back to something else. I fully expect to get
> this all up and running, just in time for SuSE 9.3 to hit the streets,
> and I will probably get it from some place like CheatBytes and blow
> Gentoo away in a heartbeat. Such is my life. ;-)
> dk
Try looking for an updated bios, check on your mainboard manufacturers
Also check the power management settings in your bios, your problem sounds
like the bios is suspending the monitor but it does not respond to keyboard
or mouse activity.

when this happens again try ssh into the box an see if it has really frozen.


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