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exim mail server queue
  • From: Chadley Wilson <Chadley@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 11:35:50 +0200
  • Message-id: <200503151135.50113.Chadley@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I am trying to remove a bunch of mails from our mail queue. There are a lot.

I know how to do them one by one but in this case it would take very long.

all the mail were sent by dealer sales, and getting that list is easy, but I
cant capture just the mail IDs.

Here is where I am at now maybe there is an easier way :)

root@etelgw-pinnacle:/var/spool/exim/input# exim -bp | grep dealer
6d 46K 1D91fW-0002aq-0e <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91ff-0002cc-EI <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91hH-0002vW-Ut <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91in-0003Gh-DX <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91jR-0003PS-Pu <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91kn-0003hJ-Kn <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91kt-0003iC-2X <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91mH-0003xN-0h <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91mm-00041p-TI <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91oq-0004PL-3s <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91si-00054q-Lo <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
6d 46K 1D91xW-0005Wx-9S <dealers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I thought that here I could just add the cut -f command but it does not work
What I need to grab here is the third field.

root@etelgw-pinnacle:/var/spool/exim/input# exim -bp | grep dealer

Of course if you have and easier way would you please share it with me


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