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Video setup via commnad line
  • From: "Dana Jaeger" <Jaeger@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 09:23:28 -0500
  • Message-id: <s237fb27.035@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

My questions are:
A) I need to change the video settings without the GUI as it is
not available. How would I accomplish this?
Is there a batch method I can use?
B) Will changing them damage the monitor?
(There are other production machines on this switch/monitor
so I can't damage the monitor etc)
C) After I change them, Is there a way I can test the GUI before
changing the runlevel back to 5 and
rebooting? (I don't want to reboot and find out it doesn't

Perhaps there is a procedure somewhere on this?

Some background information: (kinda lengthy but here is what we did)
1) I setup and tested a new Suse 9 server in our lab. I got the
GUI working there.
(Monitor Dell, Keyboard, mouse all separate pieces, Switch
Omniview Pro 16 Port F1D116-OSD)
2) I moved it into production
(Different location combination monitor/keyboard/mouse - Dell -
Model SL340-part 0636U)
(switch - Omniview Pro 16 Port F1D116-OSD)
3) I tried booting it (run level 5) but the monitor didn't
autodetect and wouldn't come up.
4) We then attached a mouse keyboard/monitor from a different
5) Brought it up runlevel 5 - GUI, went in changed the runlevel to
3 and rebooted.
6) It came up in text mode (connected to the mouse
keyboard/monitor from a different source)
7) We then reconnected it to the production location
(switch/monitor/keyboard/mouse from step 2)
8) Brought it up in text mode. This is where it is at the moment.
We need to get the GUI working on this

Perhaps there is a procedure somewhere on this?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.

Dana Jaeger
Hartford Hospital

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