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Re: [SLE] Destjet printer app has a bug? Signal 11
  • From: "Joe Morris (NTM)" <Joe_Morris@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 09:09:42 -0600
  • Message-id: <42384C36.7060403@xxxxxxx>
Andy Yankovich wrote:
On Tuesday 15 March 2005 21:56, Joe Morris (NTM) wrote:
Andy Yankovich wrote:
Try this. Right click, choose Run Command, and type in "kdesu
Sorry, must have been to late or busy. That should have been "kdesu kwrite".
Enter your root password at the prompt, and choose open in
kwrite's file menu and navigate to /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, and open
it that way. Check line 834. If you can, fix it, then in a
console, su to root and enter rccups restart. If you can't figure
it out, copy and paste ~830-840 to an email and we should be able
to get you going.

Joe, When I right click on desktop and select run command and type in "kdesu write" (omitting quotes) I get a box "/bin/sh - Konsole" with no option anywhere similar to kwrite file menu or open.
My typo, sorry.
I also get the run as root box with "command: write" on one line and "password" on second line. I enter my password, click ok, the run box disappeears but the /bin/sh box changes to "<Finished> - /bin/sh/ - Konsole".
That is because of my typo. It should have been kwrite, not write.
Sorry Joe, you've taken a lot of time and I just hope I'm not doing some things wrong.
It was my mistake this time. :-[
I think I should just get another printer. This Linux stuff is tough to learn. I read about SuSE and Linux a lot but I don't know how to do very much.

Your printer is fine. There is something wrong (I suspect a space where it shouldn't) in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, that is all.
Are you at the NTM Hq in Sanford?
No, Wisconsin for now, but usually in the Philippines.
Joe Morris
New Tribes Mission
Email Address: Joe_Morris@xxxxxxx
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