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Re: [SLE] Destjet printer app has a bug? Signal 11
  • From: jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 10:33:20 -0500
  • Message-id: <200503161033.20155.jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 16 March 2005 9:25 am, Andy Yankovich wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 March 2005 23:08, BandiPat wrote:
> > On Tuesday 15 March 2005 05:38 pm, Andy Yankovich wrote:
> Thanks for you reply,
> What specific steps did you take to check "/var/spool/cups"? From a
> Shell, Terminal, Run command, Konqueror or where? (And more
> importantly, how do I know ahead of time? I read manuals but don't am
> confused.
> As you can tell I'm over my head in Linux SuSE 9.2 Pro. At age 70,
> maybe I should stick with windows - easier on the blood pressure.
> Adny
Oh Andy,
Don't do that... you just need to go slowly, have a drink of your preferred
beverage , then think about of few things.. When you want to check any
directory, how do you go about it?
Well, if you are using KDE , you will want to open konqueror from the bar
on the bottom of your screen.

That *should* show you a tree view of all the directories on your system..
( well, in this case the main ones anyway <g>)

If it does not, you have a couple of choices, pick which ever seems the
most sensible to you. If you simply have a picture of your home
directory, you can hit the F9 key, and that should give you a tree view of
your system from / thru the last set of files which is /var ..then you
click the plus sign to expand that directory, which should show you "under
the /var /spool, which you expand the same way and you will find /cups
IIRC there will be logfiles and error messages in there ( in /cups)

from your "home directory view " which is also shown in Konqi ( Konqeror )
in it's roll as a file manager, you should see the tree view down the left
side of the Konqi window. IF you don't see it, you can hit F9, if you
remember it, OR, also down the left side there are some small icons,
select the one that looks a little bit like a two toned file folder ( at
least that is what it looks like on mine.. it should look like some sort
of folder because that will open that same "window" down the left side of
the konqi ( filebrowser) showing all the main directories from /
thru /var any folder icon which shows a '+' sign, can be expanded by
selecting the '+' sign w/ your mouse.

And that will get you around the files and folders . Tho in your role as
user , you won't be able to see some of them, they often show a padlock,
because they are for root..

One other thing , you *might* want to join the suse-kde list.. it's at
suse-kde@xxxxxxxx . You should be able to join by going to the same page
where you sign up for Suse's lists. It has specific questions and answers
about KDE generally. And it's not a really high volume list, so reading
that one, and also reading this one, and just trying things ... you will
learn how to use linux , just the same way you did Windows.

Most of the main items work in the same way on all gui based operating
systems, it is only the details that change. We think our way of a single
click to open things, for instance is a better way. But then, most of us
have been doing it so long we don't remember how we stumbled about and
asked what we thought were silly questions.

Believe me, you can do this, especially once you begin to realize much of
it is just logical.. and most of the archane info, you can learn later
when you are comfortable.

> > As you can tell I'm over my head in Linux SuSE 9.2 Pro. At age 70,
> > maybe I should stick with windows - easier on the blood pressure.

That is a false logic. All the worry about worms, which you will still hear
of daily, but are unlikely to have take down your computer again, ever.
All the worry about identity theft, where the crooks just get a file on
your computer and steal your logs, or your password files, or any
information they can find, and they got onto your computer thru your
browser, whilst you were attempting to do something normal. Like, read the

You can't "break" your computer by entering commands.. unless you are doing
everything as root... then your *could* delete everything on the hard
drive yourself. As we used to say, "if it ain't smokin' it ain't broken."

The worst thing you can do to yourself is mess up your config files somehow
and have to reinstall everything... but I'll tell you what, IF you keep
notes while you are installing of what you do at each junction; you will
be able to install and reinstall very quickly. However... you will learn a
whole lot about Suse and about how your Suse system works just by
reinstalling. And once you get good at it. Assuming you make backups of
your own files.. your email and things like that, you can be back up right
were you left off in under an hour.. So, don't worry about it.

We have all made huge mistakes, and most of us learned what we know in
trial and error. Even some of our List Gods who also hold advanced degrees
in computer science.

Don't be afraid to ask your questions, preface them w/ the fact you are a
relative newbie.. until you have that "click" in your head one day where
you suddenly just "understood" what Anders ( either or both of them), or
Leen or Carlos , Ben, Randal, or any of our wise ones answered you...
( at that time you can probably drop the newbie prefix. Most of us will
remember you by that time <VBG> )

To the list members and Gods, and all the wise ones,
If I left off your name from the above list, please forgive me, it was an
unintentional oversite, and for the sake of the Universe, please do not
stop assisting me ... please ????

I wish you happiness and joy of your system. You will really come to love
it. ( linux) But get a notepad or notebook and take notes, it does help
you organize things in your head. Um, the notes are what you are doing
when you try something new. And if my husband could actually learn this
system everyone can. <Very Big Grin> He had mainly been an OS/2 user
because that was all I would allow on the network. And he was worried
about ruining things as well. But heck, now he installs and configures his
computer all by himself. Mostly. <G>

Hope this helps
That's why I wander & follow la vie dansante
on the nightwind that takes me to where I want
that's all I want .. la vie dansante.

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