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Re: [SLE] Destjet printer app has a bug? Signal 11
  • From: BandiPat <penguin0601@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 12:00:10 -0500
  • Message-id: <200503161200.10988.penguin0601@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 16 March 2005 09:25 am, Andy Yankovich wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 March 2005 23:08, BandiPat wrote:
> > On Tuesday 15 March 2005 05:38 pm, Andy Yankovich wrote:
> Lee @ BrandiPat <penguin0601@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
> > I'm using the 960C and have been for a long time. It never gives a
> > problem, that I've experienced. I am connected via the parallel
> > port and YaST2 has always successfully found and configured
> > correctly for it. If you are sure it is configured correctly via
> > YaST2, then the next suggestion I would have is to check your spool
> > directory or delete all it's contents just in case you have a
> > defective file blocking normal printing. Check /var/spool/cups, if
> Thanks for you reply,
> What specific steps did you take to check "/var/spool/cups"? From a
> Shell, Terminal, Run command, Konqueror or where? (And more
> importantly, how do I know ahead of time? I read manuals but don't am
> confused.
> As you can tell I'm over my head in Linux SuSE 9.2 Pro. At age 70,
> maybe I should stick with windows - easier on the blood pressure.
> Adny

Ok, Andy, now that we know you are a "newbie", we can be a bit more
specific with details. A point, I might mention to other participants
on the list just coming over to Linux. In the subject, point out
"newbie alert", so things don't get too technical at first. Haines
City, huh? I just got back from visiting a friend in Cape Coral.

Since only "root" can remove files from those directories, I usually
follow these steps:
1. Open a shell
2. Type the command: kdesu konqueror (this starts a root file manager
window, so you can work within a gui)
3. A window will open asking for your root password, enter that and
your Konqueror window will open.
4. type in the directory: /var/spool/cups into the url box, press
5. There you will see several files, remove/delete them (you can click
& drag your mouse pointer to highlight them and just press your delete
key or right click on the files to select "Delete" from the menu that
6. Once that is done, all files removed, close Konqueror, go back to
the shell and at the prompt login as root.
7. type: su <enter> password <enter> (if you are unsure if it worked,
type "whoami" at the prompt to be sure you are root. (don't include the
quotes in the command)
8. Now, type: rccups stop <enter>, then rccups start <enter> to stop
and restart your cups server.

9. Lastly, try printing again from one of your programs. I usually
just start up "kwrite", type a few words and print from there, because
you know it's a clean file.

good luck,

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