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RE: [SLE] Setting Windows and Suse partition
  • From: Mike McMullin <mwmcmlln@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 23:12:00 -0500
  • Message-id: <1111291918.5973.6.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sat, 2005-03-19 at 07:15, Scorpy wrote:

> -----Original Message-----
> On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 22:42, B. Stia wrote:
> > On Friday 18 March 2005 15:00, Scorpy wrote:
> > > Hello!
> > >
> > > I am planning to have dual partition on my PC.
> > > Can someone write me instructions how to set up windows and suse 9.2
> > > from the cratch. What do I have to set up first, which partitions to
> > > create and how big nad type of partitions, which OS to install first
> > > and so on...
> >
> > Hello Scorpy,
> >
> > Since nobody else has replied, it has been left to the more lowly types
> > who frequent this list. I take so much and learn so much from these
> > guru types it is time for me to give something back.
> >
> > First of all we need lots more information about your setup before we
> > can give you any meaningful advice. Are you using one or two hard
> > drives? If only one, how big is it?
> This is a good question about the single drive, but it begs the
> question of how much room he needs for linux. I have found, having
> setup several Linux\Windows systems that a second hard drive is often
> a headache saver.
> > If it is one big drive you will at minimum, need to partition the drive
> > for both os's.
> Not necessarily. You can shrink the size of windows partitions during
> your Linux install.
> > In any case, always install Windows first otherwise it
> Agreed.
> > will overwrite the bootloader for Linux and you will need to go back
> > and fix it. Once Windows is installed you can then partition the Linux
> > partition further by using the SuSE built in tool at installation.
> > (Yast) You should at minimum make a /home partition on the SuSE side.
> Minimum is going to be the root '/' partition and the swap partition.
> > Give us more information and we can make suggestions for you.
> >
> > Bob S.
> Good on you, Bob.

> Hey!

> Ok firstly...i really dont write in english every day so please excuse me if
> there are some typing errors. But its ql if you correct me so I wont make
> the mistakes again :-)

Don't worry about the language, worry about the intent.

> I`ll be using one hard drive with 40GB of space. I need to set up partitions
> like this so I would be able to also exchange information betwen win and
> suse.

There could be a problem if your XP partition is NTFS and not FAT. At
this point NTFS support for write is not stable, though you can find a
site that is trying to use wine and the NTFS library from XP for native

> So I am thinking in creating:
> - winxp partition 30 GB
> - suse partition 10GB (9,5 filesystem and 512MB swap)

> If I later to decide to install one other extra distribution of linux, I
> would be able to resize winxp to smaller partition and create one more. But
> I think that in that case its smarter to create /home partition on suse so I
> can use it in all distributions. Is it posible to also share swap partition?

In this sense you'd want three partitions one '/', one swap and one
'home'. Should you install another Linux then you can use the one swap
partition for both.

> Ok thanks guys...and have a nice day...

Have Fun. :)

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