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Re: [SLE] Video mode problem, can't get into Yast (Dell laptop)
  • From: "Paul W. Abrahams" <abrahams@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 18:40:46 -0500
  • Message-id: <200503201840.46733.abrahams@xxxxxxx>
On Sunday 20 March 2005 12:24 pm, Carl E. Hartung wrote:
> SiS M650, eh? Here's a great site where you can do some reading:
The main useful thing I got from that site was that it's important to set the
parameter MaxXFBMem -- but a glance at XF86Config showed that in fact it was

I believe you and one other forum member thought that my problem might be due
to interference from some other electronic device. I think I've excluded
that possibility, both by moving the laptop to another room and by observing
that changing the vertical sync frequency (not too many options there)
produced a change in the frequency of the dark moving bands. In addition,
Windows is unaffected. So I think vertical frequency or refresh rate has
something to do with the problem.

At the moment I can't even run Sax2 because I'm back in the state where the
screen fills with vertical lines. But I haven't tried sax2 -l yet, and that
might help a little.

Meanwhile I discovered a very useful web page on the very topic I care about:
Linux on Dell Inspiron 1000 ( He suggests
using X-configure and adding two stanzas to the Monitor section of

HorizSync 31.5-48.5
VertRefresh 40-70

I don't know how to get that effect out of Yast or Sax2, however.

I don't think this problem is unsolvable, but I have yet to find the solution.
The fact that the Windows display is perfectly clean at 1024x768 with 64-bit
color (not even an option offered by Sax2!) proves to me that the video chip
is capable of doing what's needed. I just have to find out how to tell it


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