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Re: [SLE] SUSE future
  • From: Allen <gorebofh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 03:21:33 -0500
  • Message-id: <20050322082133.GA530@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 09:50:19AM +0200, SuSE Ground Zero wrote:

Can you JUST reply to the list? I'm getting two copies.

> Well... I got smaller expectations, like keeping SuSE brand alive. I
> think Novell is already reducing speed towards linux devel in SuSE
> prefering to get down to zero the brand and see SuSE linux just as
> Novell linux and so on. The presence of SuSE is weaker by the day.

Novell and IBM both are adding to SUSE Linux, it's not going anywhere.
Hell, SUSE Enterprise just got EAL4 making it OK for Gov use.

> At this time asking for new services is IMHO inappropiate.

Uhhhh yea... And how else do you expect to get what you want? Companies pay
a lot of money for surveys to see what a customer wants. I send an email
and tell them. If you don't like it don't read it.

> Allen wrote:

Ohhhhh a top poster!

> >I'm hoping someone who works at SUSE / Novell can read this, these are
> >things I'd like to see in the next release of SUSE Linux.
> >
> >I use SUSE every day, and I am not afraid to defend it against people who
> >think it's a wuss distro because it has a GUI tool set / application like
> >YAST2.... To me it seems YAST2 is the absolute best admin tool ever made
> >for ANY OS.
> >
> >I would love to see SUSE have something added into YAST2, like a new
> >module, for packages. Free BSD and Debian and Slackware all have a tool now
> >that is coming with the OS on the CDs, that allows you to install packages
> >from the internet by typing a line in your terminal.
> >
> >Now I know tools like this for SUSE exist, but I'd like to see something
> >more. Debian has apt-get, Free BSD has portupdate and pkg_add -r ...OK here
> >is my idea, I'd like to be able to open YAST, click on a module that has a
> >search bar, type in, for example, Eterm, and it searches a list of servers
> >that have Eterm for SUSE Linux, and then gives me the option to download
> >and install it with all dependencies.
> >
> >On Free BSD I can type pkgadd -r naim
> >
> >It will go online, find naim, download it an all dependencies, and install
> >it, then I type naim on my console, and it loads up. I'd like to be able to
> >do this on SUSE.
> >
> >Adding it into YAST2 would be great and keep it simple. Now obviously this
> >kind of a thing can't be done overnight and would need a lot of testing
> >and take a while, but it would be nice to be considered at least.
> >
> >And of course keeping it so it can work in the text mode version of YAST2
> >so if you don't have X loaded or you're doing admin tasks over SSH you can
> >still do this.
> >
> >So SUSE / Novell, please add this into SUSE. I'm sure others would like it
> >as I am thinking of the ease of use it would add.
> >
> >Think about it, you open up YAST2, click on a module that pops up and you
> >type in what application you want, and it looks for it on the internet and
> >installs it with all dependencies, and then it's ready for use.
> >
> >You could have the UI set up so that you can type in something if you know
> >exacly what you want, or even make it so you can browse extra packages
> >available that wouldn't fit on the DVDs and CDs or something.
> >
> >Think about when GNOMe and KDE have a new version out, SUSE could make it
> >easy for veryone to update that. And besides, it would help take away some
> >of the Gentoo users when they realise SUSE is not only better but has one
> >command package installs too.
> >
> >It's something I've always loved about Free BSD. typing pkgadd -r naim and
> >it dowenloads naim for me and installs it, I love it.
> >
> >Oh and the Debian users would more likely try SUSE too!
> >
> >Just think how you could add all these things to servers, and then XXMS
> >skins, packages, and for people who came from Debian, they can do all their
> >package tasks from this.
> >
> >And for people who don't like it for some reason or another you could have
> >it as a seperate package that isn't selected by the default install, so
> >people who want it can just select it when they do a custom install and
> >install it from the DVDs and then use it.
> >
> >This would be awesome, because I really don't like APT. I like Swaret but
> >only for updates, apt-get I don't like all that well (The packages are
> >either old as crap or they dont' have the ones I want, Free BSD's method
> >however works wonders).
> >
> >-Allen / Gore.
> >
> >
> >
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