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Re: [SLE] SUSE future
  • From: SuSE Ground Zero <suse_x@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 16:19:54 +0200
  • Message-id: <4240298A.2020600@xxxxxxxx>
JD. Brown wrote:


Well... I got smaller expectations, like keeping SuSE brand alive. I
think Novell is already reducing speed towards linux devel in SuSE
prefering to get down to zero the brand and see SuSE linux just as
Novell linux and so on. The presence of SuSE is weaker by the day.

How do you figure??? I'm not seeing SUSE RPM sites shutting down.
I'm not seeing news flashes anywhere.
I'm not seeing SUSE threads dieing.
All that happened was that Novell bought SUSE for $210 million and are utilizing an Enterprise line along with a consumer line.

I'm not seeing SUSE RPM sites shutting down.

Just a little move out of european focus ... now primary ftp sites are in US.

News flashes ... not yet. SuSE dying ... oh yeah ... soon it will become a threat to american way of life and business, look at their president.

It is my only hope that SuSE will not redesign itself from a serious european cultural kind of doing business into a slappy wonder puppy dog, american way, sco way, redhat way.

I think people freak over the fact that Novell knows it's Enterprise business model and they have not had a home consumer line before. Leading to this fear that Novell will pull a "Redhat" on us consumers. Which really sucked! I had no problems; with buying Redhat "consumer" box sets. Then the lovely carpet trick was pulled on us. I was really mad at them for doing it. This is why I'm with SUSE now. I'm sure that Novell is monitoring Redhats approach with enterprise only products and have found that a lot of people were mad and still are for pulling the consumer line. One last thing about the Redhat deal. Fedora was never an option for me. I love "stable" releases and not "static" ones. Fedora for a lot of us is just not the smart choice, due to bleeding edge technology.
I'm very,very happy that the turn of events led me to SUSE. I really love this distro.
@ Allen:

I know tools like this for SUSE exist, but I'd like to see something
more. Debian has apt-get, Free BSD has portupdate and pkg_add -r ...OK

This Apt-get for SUSE only works from the command line currently.
Having more Apt-get repositories for SUSE would be great, In the likes of Gentoo,Fedora,Debian,FreeBSD, etc, etc.


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