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Firefox and KMail Script
  • From: Louis Richards <louis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 15:47:44 -0500
  • Message-id: <200503261547.44172.louis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I have been using KMail and Firefox. Firefox is set as the default browser in
KDE. KMail *was* set up as the default email client using

Mailto links would start the KMail composer without the recipient or subject
information. The send link option in Firefox would again start the composer
without the information.

I changed the email client in gnome-control-center to point to the following
script. This seems to work but also seems like more than should be needed. Is
there a simpler way to get these two programs to play nice with each other?
I'm using 9.1 with KDE 3.4.

Some lines may have wrapped.


#Strip off the protocol
MAIL_DATA=$(echo "$MAILTO_URL" | /bin/sed -s 's/^mailto://I')

#Get Recipient and strip it off
RECIPIENT=$(echo "$MAIL_DATA" | cut -d? -f1 -)
MAIL_DATA=$(echo "$MAIL_DATA" | /bin/sed -s s/^$RECIPIENT//)

#Get Subject, BCC, CC and Body
SUBJECT=$(echo "$MAIL_DATA" | \
/bin/sed -s 's/.*[&?]subject=//I' | /bin/sed -s 's/[&?].*//' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/%3A/:/g' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/%20/ /g')
BCC=$(echo "$MAIL_DATA" | /bin/sed -s 's/.*[&?]bcc=//I' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/[&?].*//')
CC=$(echo "$MAIL_DATA" | /bin/sed -s 's/.*[&?]cc=//I' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/[&?].*//')
BODY=$(echo "$MAIL_DATA" | /bin/sed -s 's/.*[&?]body=//I' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/[&?].*//' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/%20/ /g' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/%26/\&/g' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/%2B/+/g' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/%2F/\//g' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/%3A/:/g' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/%3D/=/g' | \
/bin/sed -s 's/%3F/?/g')

/opt/kde3/bin/kmail "$RECIPIENT" -s "$SUBJECT" -b "$BCC" -c "$CC" --body

Louis Richards
Who gets the feeling he took the long way around on this one. ;-)

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