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Re: [SLE] /var/log/boot.log is 0 bytes
  • From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 00:48:52 -0500
  • Message-id: <4248EC44.567D@xxxxxx>
Felix Miata wrote:

> Andreas Philipp wrote:

> > El Lun 28 Mar 2005 20:39, Felix Miata escribió:

> > > I have 8.2 installed on 2 systems. This file is dated 26 Sep 2003 and 0
> > > bytes on both. Isn't this file supposed to be a mirror of the messages
> > > that flash on screen during boot? How do I enable saving boot messages
> > > to this file? On my Mandrake systems this is apparently enabled by
> > > default.

> > On my 8.2 systems there is no /var/log/boot.log file at all; maybe I have
> > wiped it from the disks long ago, I don't remember. The boot messages are
> > in /var/log/boot.msg.

> My purpose is a diagnostic exercise. SuSE 8.2 & Mandrake 10.2 are both
> installed on the same system. SuSE boots. Mandrake doesn't. I need to
> figure out why. /var/log/boot.log on Mandrake looks like this:

> SuSE's /var/log/boot.msg, which has no Mandrake counterpart, bears
> little resemblance to Mandrake's /var/log/boot.log, and has no value for
> this diagnostic exercise. I need to get SuSE to generate a similar file
> to do me any good.

I turned out to not need the SuSE boot messages. After looking at
Mandrake's logs long enough I finally realized there was no module being
loaded to support the SATA portion of the ICH6. Even if SuSE had been
writing corresponding logs, I don't think they wouldn't have shown a
SATA module being loaded, as the disk was in a much older system when
the install was done, and was running on /dev/hda, not as a SCSI device.

When I first installed, I had the onboard IT8212 controller disabled,
and Mandrake installed to SATA as a (!&$%@!*) SCSI device. After
successful installation, my next goal was to get Mandrake to boot the
device, sans its PATA to SATA converter, from the IT8212 controller as
/dev/hda. Ultimately I got this to work after shifting the device from
ICH6 SATA to ICH6 PATA, then building a new initrd with the it821x
module built in, and then moving it to the IT8212. While I was figuring
it all out, I did two kernel upgrades. The kernel upgrades were not done
on the SATA controller, so the new kernel initrds were leaving out the
sata module. Once I realized this, it booted fine from the original
kernel and initrd.
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