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Re: MySQL Table Locked?
  • From: Andrew Choens <andy.choens@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 12:29:38 -0500
  • Message-id: <bb3714dd050329092967482612@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I think upgrading may be the route I go as well. Yeah, I tried
unlocking. No dice.

Here's what I tried. I backed up ALL of the tables in the schema
called TLP. I dropped the tables and then I dropped the schema.
After that, I reset mysqld, just to make sure it had cleared it's
memory. I then used the sql file to restore my schema, with all of
the tables included.

This worked just fine. However, I seem to only have read access on
the table adults. I've checked the table for errors, and mysql says
it is fine. I can edit all of the other tables via the KIO slave as
well as via ODBC, so I know those are set up and functioning
correctly. OOo can't edit the table, Tora gets error messages, etc.
I can rename it though, which I found odd, even though that doesn't
seem to change it's behavior (It's still locked).

Oddly enough, on the suggestion of someone else on the list, I tried
webmin, and this tool seems to be able to edit my database just fine,
as user achoens OR root. I don't know why, but right now, webmin is
the only way I can change the data in this table.

This is a BIG thanks to the folks over at webmin.


On Tue, 29 Mar 2005 20:11:37 +0300, Onemarty <> wrote:
> Andy,
> Presuming that you've already tried the UNLOCK TABLES-command and it didn't
> help...
> I've seen similar problems (w/ 4.0.18). Found out this:
> - If you make a complete copy of the database, eg. database 'data1' to
> 'data2'
> the new database ('data2') is not locked. (which proves that the data itself
> is okay, I think)
> - If you then remove the old database ('data1') and rename 'data2' to
> 'data1'
> it stops working, => locked.
> - If you simply rename 'data1' to 'data2' it works.
> So there must be a 'flag' or 'tag' or something in the mysql (system)
> database
> that tells MySQL that the database is locked.
> Now, what I didn't try was the following sequence:
> - Copy 'data1' to 'data2'
> - DROP DATABASE data1;
> - rename 'data2' to 'data1'
> I intended to do a little more research in MySQL's own database mysql,
> but I stupidly first upgraded to 4.1 - only to find out that the old
> database
> was 'unlocked' again. (Guess that something in mysql got overwritten)
> I do not think that 4.1 fixed it, only that it cleared the 'tag', so I'm
> waiting for the problem appear again, and then I'll try to catch it.
> Marty
> On Tuesday 29 March 2005 08:09, Andy Choens wrote:
> > > I am not a DBA but using webmin to connect to mysql there is an icon
> for
> > > table permissions that looks like you can change permissions for
> > > individual tables. Maybe something has go wrong there. Just a
> suggestion
> > > for something else to try before you pull all of your hair out.
> >
> > Well, I downloaded webmin and set it up. So far so good. It's not the
> > interface I would like, but I don't seem to get any errors this way. Of
> > course, I'm editing the table as root, so it had better let me do what
> ever
> > the heck I want! :-)
> >
> > I'm going to install usermin and see if that helps any. If it does, at
> > least I'll be able to use webmin while I figure out the root of my
> > difficulty. It certainly gives my back access to my database, which is
> > incredibly nice.
> >
> > Thanks for the idea. I'm going play around with these permissions more.
> >
> > --andy
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