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Re: [SLE] XP and 8.2 Dual Boot, want to install 9.2, any gotcdhas? [DONE]
Chris wrote:

Just a thought,
Have you configured the monitor? I had similar probs and found that
my monitor was identified incorrectly. I fixed that and my problems went

To which David Rankin replied:

Message-ID: <004101c50736$d9cc23f0$5f06a8c0@rankinp35>
From: "david rankin" <drankin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Suse Linux" <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 19:47:40 -0600


I have the Samsung 1100df. Suse only has the 1100plus. The only difference is the horizontal frequency 30 - 121 on the df, 28 - 115 on the plus. I have changed that, but I still have problems. SaX2 seems to freeze when adjusting position and frequency. It works for one or two adjustments, but then quits responding. I'm now looking at the kernel parameters that grub passes. Some posts suggest that the default grub menu.lst could be the problem.

I doubt that is the problem at all. To check, boot into runlevel 3, log in and run startx. If the problem persists, then grub's setup is not at fault (though it is possible that grub's runlevel 5 settings inherited an incorrect setting from the display configuration). As well, you could run xdpyinfo in both runlevels, 3 and 5, to see if the two configurations are the same. I suspect they will be. The appropriate grep filter to extract only the relevant screen geometry is in my previous message in this thread.

The saga continues... I have corrected the geometry problems which required editing the dimension setting in sax2. Now the problem is that sax2 will not save the position changes to XF86Config or xorg.conf. Don't know why? I used xvidtune to dump a modeline and I will just edit xorg.conf manually and try that. I still can't figure out why sax2 isn't writing the information. The xorg.conf files show that they are modified by sax2, but no modeline is ever saved. We are making progress. Albeit slowly.......

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