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Re: [SLE] kmail (kontact) threaded view
  • From: Osho GG <oshogg@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 09:06:49 -0800
  • Message-id: <200502020906.49713.oshogg@xxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 02 February 2005 8:48 am, Hamish wrote:
> Sunny wrote:
> > On Wed, 02 Feb 2005 16:28:05 +0000, Hamish <lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>>Here's where to look / what to do:
> >>>
> >>>- KMail -> Settings (menu) -> Configure KMail
> >>>- Appearance category
> >>>- Headers tab
> >>>- From Message Header Threading Options (middle section) select:
> >>> "Open threads that contain new, unread or important message
> >>> and open watched threads."
> >>
> >>Is there any way to just make them bold, or a different colour? Even if
> >>they are expanded, it is more tricky to find unread items. I like to
> >>keep them all closed, scan for interesting threads, then expand, it
> >>keeps things much simpler!
> >
> > In the upper right corner there is dropdown box for filtering the
> > view. Select there Unreaded.
> >
> > Sunny
> I dont think I am explaining myself properly...
> When the thread is not expanded, only the first mail is visible.
> Any mail under the first mail is not visible, so it does not matter if
> it is a different colour, shape, size etc.
> Try it out if you use kmail - go to the folder where this list gets to,
> click the "folder" menu, click "thread messages". you now have a + next
> to the threads to expand and contract the threads. Collapse a thread and
> you will see that only the first message is visible. Now expand the
> thread and mark one of the mails as unread. It turns
> blue/red/green/bold/whatyouconfigured. Now collapse the thread. There is
> no way of telling that the thread contains an unread message.
> Maybe I've got a buggy install, or Im doing something wrong?

I think you explained the feature you want well. I do not think it is
available in 3.3.2 KDE yet. Here is a "work-around" that I use.

I have assigned the up and the down arrow keys to the next unread and previous
unread messages. That way I just go to a kmail folder and press the down
arrow keys continuously until all the mails in that folder are read. I have
found that the following key mappings work well to navigate through many

up arrow - go to previous unread
down arrow - go to next unread
left arrow - go to previous
right arrow - go to next

This doesn't exactly solve the problem that you are running into. But, that's
the best solution that I could think of to navigate through 100's of unread
emails effectively. If you are subscribing to suse-linux-e then you know what
I mean :).


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