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Re: [SLE] kicked out of graphical boot mode
  • From: "Robert A. Rawlinson" <rarawlinson@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 11:53:39 -0700
  • Message-id: <4203C4B3.5090206@xxxxxxxxxx>
devosc wrote:

funny that the power supply is mentioned... months ago... and for
quite a few months the machine was and became very susceptible to
cutting out on me... the motherboard (or somewhere in there) would
just start to make a screaching sound and would reboot but I would
then have to physically reboot to stop the screaching.... In the end I
had to put it to down to the power-supply.... but then I dismantled
the computer and took the motherboard, hd and graphics card abroad,
but never set it up, and then when I got back I set the machine back
up but only once after a good few months got the screaching sound...
last week actually....

I built the pc from scratch and during the screaching saga... I
realized that I didn't put enought thermo paste on the chip....

However at the time I didn't buy a new powersupply.... I will look
into it (the link above) but will have to find out what power supply
is best compatible for Soyo SY-KT400, 300 or 350 watts... ahh I had a
hell of time trying to spec together the bits for this linux
machine... actually it all started out because on my other machine I
never realized about the graphic card option during the install...

anyway... hardrives... so presumably even if partitioned the hd, and
ran into corruption problems I still be at a loss because those
partitions are still on the same disk....

Although a pain data retrieval is not that much of a problem (he
reckons!) because most of the time the work ends up on other
servers... the biggest pain is all those tweaks to get the os running
the way it was....


I had one that started doing strange things. It was the power supply. All the voltages
were OK except the 12v had gone to 16v. Took out sound and modem cards.
They just did not like more voltage that they were supposed to have. You can
not measure the voltages unless the power supply is hooked to the motherboard.
I just put the probes into each connector on the power supply. You need to have the
pin-out of that plug. Good luck.
Bob Rawlinson

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