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PC running (SuSE 8.2 Pro / WinME) bootloader lilo -> grub
Hi List,

I have belatedly made the change from lilo to grub carefully
converting my lilo config to grub'ese. It seems to work as

However, I have a couple of questions which I cannot track down
in any off-line source (man, info, howto's etc.) and I am not able to
trawl google or list archive with a time-limited unmetered dial-up
connection at present.

1. In lilo I always used the boot-floppy option so as not to upset
WinME. How do I do something similar in grub?

2. When the bootloader menu appeared in lilo I could interactively
overide the default runlevel (ie: boot to runlevel 3 not 5)
when necessary. How is this achieved in the grub menu?

I will accept a URL to the appropriate list archive entry or web page.

Apologies if this has been dealt with before.

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