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Re: [SLE] permanent VNC session
  • From: Jerry Westrick <jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 03:19:11 +0100
  • Message-id: <200502050319.11860.jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Okay Sunny...

you go lots of questions so i'll insert the answer between your text:

On Friday 04 February 2005 21:05, Sunny wrote:
> Hi,
> this topic was floating around, but I did not find a good solution so far.
> What I wan to do is, when I establish a VNC session, to reuse an
> existing one, and if there is no, to get a kdm login screen. I.e. it's
> again the same :)
> So far, if I log in locally, and enable remote desktop, it is OK, but
> that's not what I need. It breaks if meanwhile my wife switched the
> user. Even my session is still active in background, I can not connect
> to it.
> So, I need a real virtual only (for vnc) session, in which I can run
> some long-lasting processes, and they will keep running. And if need
> access to that session locally, I can always fire vnc localhost.
Okay, what you want is probably possible but I've never seen it done.
Is there a special reason you need the KDE login?

The setups I've used/seen sofar are:

(x)inetd waits for a connection and kicks off a new VNC with each connection.
the vnc session is started with KDE login, but is terminated when you loose
the connection.

init.d script which starts one(or more) vnc's for one (or more) users. these
sessions remain running until explicitly stopped. (this I think is what you

Manual session started via keyboard input. This session runs until the
starting process ends.

> I do not know why, but now if I enable remote access in yast, I only
> get empty X screen in vnc, not a login screen. How should I fix it.
You need to set yast2->system->sysconfig editor->DISPLAYMANAGER_REMOTE_ACCESS
to yes.
> And ... last question: is it possible, and how, to run the machine in
> init 3 (this is co-located server, so I really do not need to waste
> resources for running X), but to be able to get remote (vnc) X
> session, when I need to work remotely.
Yes, and no...
No you cannot have X (vnc) in runlevel 3.
Yes, you can turn off the local x-windows on the server by setting
Yast2->System->sysconfig Editor->DISAPLAYMANAGER_STARTS_XSERVER to no

Additionally, if you ever want xwindows on the server console, you sign-in and
type "startx" (or was it xstart?), and XWindows cranks up....

You get both, no resources waisted, and the GUI when you want it!

> All above of course is run with ssh tunnels, and there is no problem
> to create the appropriate tunnels :) The problem is with the vnc/X
> config.
May I suggest you limit your ssh access to only those accounts which need it?
I do this as follows:

SSH Configuration

The following changes need to be made for SSH:

User Group to control access

Create Group “remotesh”, (Note group names have max 8 chars)
Add users that are allowed remote access to the group.

In file /etc/ssh/sshd_config
add the following lines:

AllowGroups             remotesh
GatewayPorts            yes
X11DisplayOffset                50
X11Forwarding           yes

In file /etc/ssh/ssh_config
Add lines:

ForwardAgent            yes
ForwardX11              yes


> Thanks
> Sunny
> --
> Get Firefox

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