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Found Way to Recommend SuSE Linux
  • From: Joaquin Menchaca <linuxuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 18:54:34 -0800
  • Message-id: <4204356A.9000704@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi guys,

Remember way back I was wanting to evaluate SuSE. I really feel this is an easy to use Linux solution due to it's graphical tools and auto-configuration scripts for hardware. I hope to get professional corporations exposed to alternative solutions, especially given the outrageous licensing shemes from Microsoft.

Here's a proposal that I sent out; what do you think? :-)

Xerox Scanner Feature Limitation and Alternatives

The hard drive support of the Xerox scanning feature cannot save files to any of our servers due to a major design limitation. Specifically, it cannot log into a domain using domain\account notation. This limitation was initially noted by the Xerox representative and re-confirmed with two Xerox documents forwarded by XXXX XXXXX.

We thought of several solutions and the best solution would be utilize an unused desktop and install some form of Linux, such as SuSE Linux. The desktop can either be a recycled older Dell computer or a new low-cost desktop. The hard drive should have reasonable room for saving scans. The advantages of this solution are:

* Performance:
o No artificial performance limitation, e.g. 10 users max cap
o Greater performance for file shares than Windows equivalent desktop
* Cost Effective:
o low cost solution for Linux OS (from $70 for commercial solution to free)
o No costs for expensive licensing, e.g. CAL licenses Windows Server.
* Security:
o Linux operating system doesn’t respond or recognize common Windows attacks often exploited by viruses, worms, and hackers.
o Isolated box will not have access privileges to attack domain, if in unlikely event it is hacked or compromised.

We considered using an existing user’s Windows XP desktop, but there are many problems with this:

* Performance:
o Computer slows down desktop when other users copy their scanned PDF files from the file shares.
o Windows desktop-oriented OS has artificial limitations, i.e. 10 user logon max. cap.
* Costs:
o License for Windows Server and corresponding CAL licenses are expensive for this limited solution; Windows XP is a little more reasonable, but pricy for this limited solution to workaround Xerox problem.
* Security:
o If malicious user/software compromises desktop (domain member computer), it can be used to attack other computers in the domain from privileged accounts.

Joaquin Menchaca

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