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Re: [SLE] problems getting MPlayer installed and running
** Reply to message from "Joe Morris (NTM)" <Joe_Morris@xxxxxxx> on Sat, 05 Feb
2005 18:12:16 -0600

> Gil Weber wrote:


> >Sorry for my ignorance, but I don't understand how these **are** the 6 files I
> >need. I downloaded the "b" package from Packman -- the MPlayer for i686.

> This is not obvious from Packman's site, but the i686 package has the
> same dependencies as the i586 packages. i686 is just more optimized for
> your processor.

Ah! Thank you! THAT is an extremely helpful answer.

> > There
> >is NO indication that any of the files shown above are for the "b" package
> >(only for those who download the "a" or "c" packages), and they certainly don't
> >have the same file names as those I was warned I needed when I tried to install
> >the rpms.
> >

> c packages are for a different processor altogether and is not
> compatible with your system.

Yup, figured that one out myself! ;o)

> >In any case, I already had < (libtheora)>
> >and < (libogg)> installed (from when I grabbed
> >Xine from Packman). Three of the files above are for AMD64, so I sure as heck
> >don't need those, right?
> >

> right, but you do need the the i686 lame package

OK, thanks. I had already installed the i586 rpm, but since you were so kind
to indicate the i686 file I went and downloaded that one too!

> >Now, please explain how to find the 6 files I listed previously as necessary
> >due to dependency problems.

> Easiest is to open the package in kpackage and look at the line unmet
> dependencies and maybe the depends as well. It isn't always so straight
> forward. Any unmet dependency could be looked up in Yast Package
> Manager and installed if available on your dvds/cds.

Many thanks, Joe. VERY helpful reply. ;o)

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