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Re: [SLE] Boot Parameters
  • From: Darryl Gregorash <raven@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 14:53:11 -0600
  • Message-id: <420926B7.6080508@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

There is no need to send me a personal copy of your email; my mail filters just put it in the same place as mail sent to the list anyway.

Ted Hilts wrote:


I read the man page before I posted.

Then please say so. Say something as simple as "I'm sorry, but that manpage for <whatever> looks like cuneiform to me. Here's what I need to do." Otherwise, we have no idea what you have tried to do for yourself, nor do we have any idea that you are already at least familiar with what all that cuneiform looks like. Once it is clear you are trying to help yourself, there is not a single person here who will not offer to help if he can.

I could not read from the man page or your "clues" the method or process of placing up to 64 alternatives. I don't want a Boot Diskette or CD for every machine -- I want one Boot Diskette or CD to use to boot up all my machines. This means every alternative could specify different machines as well as kernel modifications or even a different kernel as well as different Linux distributions. This makes the alternatives NOT relative to the ISO image on the Boot Disk. Your selection suggested to me that I cannot take a SuSE Boot Diskette or CD and use this to boot up another Linux machine -- just the machine from which the ISO was derived. In other words I cannot take the Boot Disk for machine #1 and use it to boot up machine #2. I can, it seems, provide alternative kernels as alternatives on the same machine, but that is not what I am looking at doing.

Actually, on first glance I believe that it can be done, but it is a very tall order, and unlike Sid, not one I would readily take on, for any fee. The only solution I can think of off the top of my head (and do note it is still very much just a vague outline of what might be possible, perhaps and maybe) is one which would require the user to make a choice at boot, based on which machine was being booted. That leaves a lot of room for error, particularly if there is a menu with up to 63 choices. I suppose you could use the menu titles to indicate which choice to make: "Fred's computer, Print Server, Gateway system" and so on, but still....

I'm tossing out this next thought solely for others to munch on, so please do not take any action based on it. I believe a possible solution may begin with the creation of a single boot floppy for each system you want to include on the CD or DVD. These would then have to be brought to one single system as disk images (similar to the bootdisk* files for doing ftp installs of SuSE), and subsequently written to a master CD/DVD image using the mkisofs -b and -eltorito-alt-boot options, perhaps also -no-emul-boot. The mkisofs commandline might look something like this:

mkisofs -o CD_image -c boot.catalog -b bootimage1 -eltorito-alt-boot -b bootimage2 ....

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I have absolutely no idea where -no-emul-boot would go in a scheme like this, and I am certainly not sure if only one -c flag is correct -- Google, anyone? :-).

Ted, I really do not know why you want to do things this way, but I strongly urge you to reconsider this method if at all possible. As I mentioned, I believe it is going to be a very tall order, one which will likely result in a great and large new supply of coasters at your home or work, and one which is subject to a great amount of confusion, trying to sort out which choice to make for any given system. I can see using the alt-boot option if you have an AMD Opteron, and have both 32- and 64-bit operating systems installed on it. I can *maybe* see it if you have *very* limited choices in the distributions/kernels you have deployed, *and* not too much variation in hardware. I cannot see it being a viable option in the scenario I believe you are describing.

" -b eltorito_boot_image
Specifies the path and filename of the boot image to be used when making an "El Torito"
bootable CD. The pathname must be relative to the source path specified to mkisofs. This
option is required to make an "El Torito" bootable CD.
Start with a new set of "El Torito" boot parameters. This allows to have more than one El
Torito boot on a CD. A maximum of 63 El Torito boot entries may be put on a single CD."

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