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Re: [Fwd: [SLE] the directory "proc"] --Why I use Windows
  • From: Brad Bourn <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 16:02:11 -0700
  • Message-id: <200502091602.11608.brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
He wasn't giving you greif about Netscape, he was giving you greif about
windoze. You share shame opinion obviously, so I wouldn't take offense.

Anyway, to the point

Have you looked into the web editing features built into Mozilla?
I remember HotMetal... last one I used was Dreamweaver.

There seems to be many ways to run Dreamweaver on Linux.
(Wine, Crossover)

Check out these links.

I am forced to use Windows for releasing some of our software on that

I still do everything under Linux. Only compile and test on the Windoze box
(through VNC)



On Wednesday 09 February 2005 03:14 pm, Ted Hilts wrote:
> Randall
> You are correct, it is an "in progress" transition that is very hard to
> accomplish. As an example, I use a (windows only) web authoring tool
> called HotMetal Pro V6 on 3 MS XP machines and 1 Win95 machine. It was
> the last version of this web authoring tool some 2 years ago. It is a
> true and easy to use WYSIWYG web authoring tool with advanced features.
> I have been looking, as time permits for a reasonably close product for
> Linux and failing that for Windows but in these 2 years have found
> nothing so far that even comes close. I am currently looking at a
> Linux web authoring tool that comes with the SuSE distribution. I use
> many other software tools that even several years old still out perform
> what I can find on Linux. I encourage vendors towards a Linux solution
> and they ignore me.
> I like SuSe. You have no reason to be hostile with me about the fact
> that my email is Netscape based. I use Netscape on Windows because it
> is all I know but I am investigating using Mozilla mail on Linux and
> simply have not had the time. I don't know everything about everything.
> My work requires research and knowledge in many fields of many things
> leaving me little time to become a 100% Linux guru. Computers and
> sofware products are only a very small part of my work.
> But I like SuSE. I like Linux. And I'm trying to like you guys. I
> have 6 linux machines on my LAN and one of them is Slackware, another is
> Red Hat, another is both Red Hat and SuSE, another is BSD and SuSE, and
> the remainder are all pure SuSE. Some of these 6 have also dual boot
> with Windows which is rarely used on these machine but is there anyway.
> I have 8 pure Windows machines 2 of which are XP and 1 is XP Pro. I
> don't like XP as it is full of flakey behaviors that can trash an entire
> directory and pause the complete system for a screen refesh and
> numerable other flakey things. I think Bill Gates not only over charges
> for the MS Operating systems but has also practiced and got away with
> numerous efforts at monopolizing computer software and techniques and
> technologies in general. In addition, by all reports I've heard he is
> a ruthless "money is the bottom line" business man. I would only repect
> him as a human being if he gave 50% of his net worth to a good cause.
> Unfortunately most of the world treats him as a "business Saint" worthy
> of their worship and admiration. I think that the MS Operating Systems
> started as a piece of junk and are still not worth the cost. I blame
> "Big Business", in this case "Big Software Business enterprises" for
> being stupid and money hungry to the point that if they really cared
> for excellence we would have by now all the products I need to do my
> work and in a Linux environment.
> Before I retired, I worked in Engineering and IT (Information
> Technology) and they thought I was crackers because of my interests and
> advocacy of Linux. Since then IBM (one of our (the company I worked
> for) main computer/software sources) has "seen the light" as well as the
> "financial gains" associated with Linux and appear rapidly to be turning
> Linux into a very expensive proposition when integrated with their
> product line as well as forcing Linux vendors like SuSE to compete.
> Thanks - Ted
> Randall R Schulz wrote:
> >Patrick,
> >
> >>and *you* continue to use the root cause of all these problems to
> >>operate your computer. Please, take a bow. You have reached the
> >>pinnacle.

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