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Re: [Fwd: [SLE] the directory "proc"] --Why I use Windows
  • From: Jerry Westrick <jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 00:13:52 +0100
  • Message-id: <200502100013.53014.jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 09 February 2005 23:41, Randall J. Parr wrote:
> Ted Hilts wrote:
> > You are correct, it is an "in progress" transition that is very hard
> > to accomplish. As an example, I use a (windows only) web authoring
> > tool called HotMetal Pro V6 on 3 MS XP machines and 1 Win95 machine.
> > It was the last version of this web authoring tool some 2 years ago.
> > It is a true and easy to use WYSIWYG web authoring tool with advanced
> > features. I have been looking, as time permits for a reasonably close
> > product for Linux and failing that for Windows but in these 2 years
> > have found nothing so far that even comes close. I am currently
> > looking at a Linux web authoring tool that comes with the SuSE
> > distribution. I use many other software tools that even several years
> > old still out perform what I can find on Linux. I encourage vendors
> > towards a Linux solution and they ignore me.
> I too find the lack of anything approaching a HotMetal Pro replacement
> is one of the factors that keeps me and some of my clients tied to Windows.
> I have searched and searched for a decent HTML editor. There are a lot
> of source editors out there (eg Bluefish) but a real dearth of WYSIWYG
> or semi-WYSIWYG editors. There are a few out there (Nvu, Mozilla
> composer, Quanta) and I test them each time a new version comes out.
> They're getting there but, you're right, none of them even come very
> close to the "old" and "obsolete" HotMetal Pro. I went though another
> round, just the last two days, of testing. Frustrating. Especially
> because they are getting closer but, still, no cigar.
> R.Parr, RHCE
> Temporal Arts
> Portland, OR U.S.A.

Where can I get a copy of HotMetal...
Does it run under Wine? CrossOver Office? VMware?


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