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Re: [SLE] Problems with GRUB and changing hard drives...
  • From: Darryl Gregorash <raven@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 12:40:29 -0600
  • Message-id: <420BAA9D.1010103@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Clayton wrote:

Some new info... I still don't have the fstab (coming later.. have to
get it off the remote machine and emailed to me)...

Dude, we don't even care about that thinig. The only files that are relevant are in /boot/grub, and they are called and menu.lst When you said you were editing fstab, I thought we were getting to the point where fstab was relevant; we aren't.

If hda is removed or replaced, and the Linux boot floppy is in at
boot, we get the message "Booting from diskette" and then the next

I thought we were replacing HDD not HDA. As to what happens when hda is removed, I have no idea -- here we are dealing with the way the system BIOS refers to the drives, which grub translates to hd(n). Is the secondary/master always always the third drive, hd(2), even if there are no drives on the primary controller? Alas, the text "GRUB _" is not at all informative; I was hoping to see reference to a GRUB boot state. The underscore is present only in the stage 1.5 and stage 2 files, but almost the first thing you should be seeing if we get that far is "Loading stage<n>"

My question is maybe better stated as.. why is GRUB unhappy about the
drives changing if nothing is ever pointing to those drives in GRUB?

How do we know this? We don't know what the device map says, and we don't know what the menu file says. If those files exist on the floppy, post them here; otherwise, post the same files from /boot in the Linux system.

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