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root halt message during DVD writing
Dear all,

I am experiencing a strange trouble during DVD writing operations under SUSE 9.0 Pro installed on a double partitioned (together with XinXP) Sony Vaio Laptop.

Starting burning software K3b, after a while (say, 10-30 % of complete writing), the system beeps and returns the following message (I am using memory because there is no way to recover the exact message, the X is frozen after the message display):

* * * * * * * * * *
Broadcast Message from root (/dev/pts/0) on gl .....

The system gl will be shut down in 1 minute

* * * * * * * * * *

and it also displays something about "cache problems".
I have burned may DVDs and CSs, but now I ahve this kind of problems: do you have any hints about it?
The only things that have changed since the last time I have performed this operation correctly has been a reconfiguration of XFree86 in order to get my touchpad working ogether with mouse and maintainance of Nvidia drivers working with OpenGL and 3D acceleration.

Do you have any idea about fixing cache problems? Or do you have any idea about what generates the problem???

Thanx to all in advance

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