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Re: [SLE] 64 bit flash
  • From: "B. Stia" <usr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 22:38:31 -0500
  • Message-id: <200502102238.31059.usr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 10 February 2005 07:46, Joe Morris (NTM) wrote:
> B. Stia wrote:
> >I uninstalled Mozilla, swfdec-mozilla, and swfdec. Went to your
> >repository, (ftp) and downloaded swfdec= I installed that
> > and seemed to be OK. However, I went to make the soft links for
> > Firefox and the plugins were not there. (
> > /usr/lib64/browser-plugins ) rpm shows it as installed.
> Did you install swfdec-mozilla? That is where the plugins are, and
> that is the correct location (above).
> >Then did a "locate" and got this:
> >
> >EasyStreet:/ # locate swfdec
> >/opt/gnome/lib64/
> >/opt/gnome/lib64/
> >/usr/share/doc/packages/swfdec
> >/usr/share/doc/packages/swfdec/AUTHORS
> >/usr/share/doc/packages/swfdec/COPYING
> >/usr/share/doc/packages/swfdec/NEWS
> >/usr/share/doc/packages/swfdec/README
> >/usr/share/doc/packages/swfdec/TODO
> >
> >Note that the gnome/lib64 directory doesn;t show the .a file. Could
> > I make soft links from the /opt/gnome directory to the /opt/Firefox
> > directory ? If this is a big deal just forget about it.
> Since you only mentioned installing swfdec, that one does not have
> the plugin. Install the other, then make the symlink. Let me know
> how it works out.

Hi Joe,

Nope didn't reinstall swfdec-moailla because it had "mozilla" in it.
Did that a few minutes ago and found the plugins
in /usr/lib64/browser-plugins. From there, I linked them
to /opt/Mozilla/Firefox/lib64/plugins. They showed up in that

However, I then opened up Firefox and did an about:plugins and they did
not show up. Needless to say it did not work on the web either when
the website continues to complain about the flash plugin.

Bob S.

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