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Channel bundling with gigabit ethernet
  • From: Helge Preuss <helge.preuss@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 19:06:14 +0100
  • Message-id: <42162E96.3060904@xxxxxxx>
Hi all,

some general questions on the subject and a SuSE-specific one.

I have a network which requires very good performance. There is a file
server and several clients, each of which moves very large data (GBs)
around. As long as only one client accesses the server, performance is
good, but when several clients at once access the server, performance
drops. As would be expected.

General questions: Is it possible to improve the server's network
performance by adding a second GBit ethernet card? I think a PCI card
is bound by the PCI bus performance. Would a second card, if PCI, even
enhance performance noticeably?
If I upgrade to PCIe, or use a mainboard with onboard GBit ethernet,
would that change anything?

So far, I was thinking in terms of using different subnets hanging on
different ethernet ports on the server. Provided that both GBit cards
have full performance, if clients on different subnets both wold get
the full performance of a GBit card. Am I right?

Now the SuSE question. The solution with two separate subnets is, of
course, somewhat suboptimal. Does SuSE Linux provide a way to use a
sort of channel bundling, so that the full network can benefit on the
advantages of having two network adapters on the server? How would I
do that?



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