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Re: [SLE] SuSE 9.0 bandwidth filter
  • From: Darryl Gregorash <raven@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 21:05:22 -0600
  • Message-id: <42194FF2.8000603@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Ronald Wiplinger wrote:

Is there a bandwidth filter available for SuSE 9.0 ?

Maybe you missed a recent thread about firewalls in SuSE. What you need is the package iproute2, specifically the tc (traffic control) utility. This should be already installed as part of the default installation.

The tc manpage is actually one of the better ones I have ever seen. It seems to have at least a basic description of almost everything, particularly the important stuff, namely different types of queuing disciplines. You can also consult the Advanced Routing and Traffic Control HOW-TO at (OMG, I never knew of this one before myself -- a whole website dedicated to this stuff!! :-) ) -- in fact, just google for "iproute2" and you will find over 100 thousand references, and as usual probably most of the really useful ones will be in the first 2 or 5 pages :-) The site attempts to document all of the things iproute2 can do for you, and it is huge. Some of the other sites google will find for you are a bit more specialized, so you may wish to start with one of them.

If you installed the html howto package (eg. howtoenh for English) there are a some HOWTOs there also. There is an earlier version of the how-to at, given as Adv-Routing. These may also be relevant, though I haven't checked them myself:


The second one is for only one type of queuing discipline, the hierarchical token bucket, and you can actually set up a rudimentary HTB in SuSEfirewall2 (the very last item in /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2). I doubt that it is a real HTB though, as it seems its only function is to slow down the traffic on an interface -- this makes it just a "token bucket filter", TBF. However, this may be all you actually need, unless you want to prioritize specific protocols; in that case, you do need a real classful qdisc such as real HTB or CBQ (class-based queuing). CBQ is, I think, probably the most difficult to configure, so you will probably want to stick with some sort of token bucket.

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