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Re: [SLE] Segmentation Faults - Solved
  • From: "Carl E. Hartung" <suselinux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:20:46 -0500
  • Message-id: <421B69EE.1070300@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Paul Trevethan wrote:
> It fell over when I added the symlink for the Removed the
> link again, worked fine. Solution found!!
> Mind you, it could have been one starting with 'a' not 'x'?! Mplayer
> and Kaffeine plugins work so I have just left the rogue out.
> Hope the logic outline helps someone?

Hi Paul,

I'm sure this procedure will help a lot of people who are experiencing
similar problems.

I'd add, though, the need to watch for overlap between the plug-ins
being installed. Not paying attention to these details can lead to
unexpected/undesired behavior and even contention between applications.
For example, Kaffeine is based on the xine engine, so installing both
the xine and kaffeine plug-ins is kind of redundant.

The same strategy applies to mozplugger and mplayerplug-in because there
is a fair amount of ovelap between them in terms of the types of media
files and streams they're configured by default to handle.

In this regard, it helps to know that the first plug-in listed in
about:plugins will be the first to "see" a requirement and act upon it,
but that other plug-ins may also react, causing two applications to
launch and compete for the same media. If they don't actually contend,
but cooperate, note that mozplugger comes before mplayer in the plug-ins
table, so don't be surprised if mozplugger calls up a different
application when you're expecting MPlayer to launch.

> This does raise a question in my mind about the use of
> /usr/lib/browser-plugins though. Firefox obviously does not look there,
> in my case anyway, so what does. I thought it was a new 'central
> repository' that all SuSE browsers under SuSE would use. Is that only if
> you install from SuSE dvd perhaps?

That would be the case, if I understand the system correctly. SuSE
packages are built to know about and use /usr/lib/browser-plugins but
browsers from other sources would need to be adapted manually.


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