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RE: [SLE] Sometimes Linux makes me crazy.
  • From: "Stephen Furlong" <stephen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 01:12:26 -0000
  • Message-id: <auto-000000130492@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>I just recently, out of morbid curiosity, clicked a link to a report that
>upgrading to Windows XP was something like 66% cheaper that going to Linux

Any chance of a link?

>As far as upgrading is concerned, I've found that the typical upgrade of
>Windows involves safeguarding my data, formating the drive, installing the
>new version, reinstalling all the S/W I use (and after about 20-30
>and lots of tweaking and configuration.

The same process is followed after windows being on a machine for four
months or so (lol, joke), which is where our company makes most of its money
(the average user isn't able to backup,install,tweak as they don't know how)

>As I said above, I've found Linux to be much LESS frustrating than Windows
>the whole. The only place Windows might be a little better is in the area
>support for bleeding edge hardware.

Don't 100% disagree with you there. Im having problems with susefirewall2
atm, and finding documentation for it that's clear and consise and not wrote
for a software writer with a iq of 180+ has so far proven to be fruitless.

>As has been stated before, that is only
>because most of the H/W manufacturers don't see Linux as any more than a
>tinkerer's or computer geek's OS ("Let them write it themselves" seems to
>their attitude).

I don't think that's just the hardware manufacturers pov. The linux distro
writers seem to have the same pov. The majority of the linux howto's are
wrote by users, not the people writing suse/debian/mandrake/whatever. Yeah
they may have chipped in, but most of the time its left to the end user to
be clever enough to figure something out and document it. That's the idea of
open-source software in my opinion, but unfortunately it makes for a sketchy
approach to support.
Also in my opinion Linux is designed for tinkerer's/computer geek's as it is
nowhere near ready for mainstream distribution, nor will it be for a long
time in my opinion. People just aren't keyed up enough in whole on computers
to be able to understand linux. Its one thing to have windows pop up a
message saying "the system has recovered from a serious eror - sending
report", and a completely different level of "brown stuff" for linux to say
"kernel panic". To a average-joe-bloggs user the linux message means jack
diddly squat. Maybe in another twenty years time, when the youth of today
has grown up and are the mainstream users will they turn to linux, having an
understanding of computers that most adults today are scared of.

Lets just hope its ready for them to use :)

>Now we have four cents... :-)

Make it six :-)


Bill Lugg
Milstar Software Support
Peterson AFB, CO

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