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Re: [SLE] Samba setup
  • From: Mike Dewhirst <miked@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 20:54:43 +1100
  • Message-id: <>
At 02:31 am 27/02/2005, Lake-Wind wrote:
Mike Dewhirst wrote:
At 05:15 pm 26/02/2005, david rankin wrote:

it is a piece of cake.

I'm finding it a piece of rock-cake. My brain is bruised.

My office has run on it since 2000. Just like anything else, you have to make friends with it, but it is relatively painless.

Maybe I need a chemical enhancer - a stiff single malt or three :(

After you set it up, it is bulletproof.

That will keep me going :)

See for docs and setup. No magic, just follow the steps........

OK - I can see the samba server from both my Win XP machines and I can see both Win XP machines from SuSE. BUT none of them let me login anywhere. They all put up a login prompt OK - but all of them deny access.
I did create a new user mdewhirst on every machine including the Novell server and all have the same password - different than root on SuSE.
I just restarted my SuSE box to see if that would help and now it won't let me put in a password. So I'm stumped.
I can tab the cursor into the password field for either root or mdewhirst but it won't accept any password characters.
Any ideas?

Just a thought, did you initialize the Mocrosoft Windows password database in Samba?

It is a bit confusing now. I have the impression that I configured it to accept Windows passwords. The confusion arose because I tried reading the documentation straight through and there is a lot of info there. It wasn't until I suddenly realized I was absorbing unnecessary information about Windows domains (I have a Novell LAN) that I lost the plot.

It is all apparently working perfectly with the old userid and password. My next trick will be to remove mdewhirst from everywhere and see what happens. I'm keeping all the advice for future reference in case I start again.

Thank you and to everyone who helped me on this. Just knowing there are generous people in the list was all that kept me from giving in.

All the best


You said you added mdewhirst as a new user but did you add it to the smbpasswd by doing this:

root# smbpasswd -a mdewhirst
New SMB Password: typeApasswordHere
Retype new SMB password: retypeApasswordHere
Added user mdewhirst

Maybe I'm off base here but you have to do this in order for your Windows machine to log into the Samba Server.

Hope this helps.

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