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Re: [SLE] Sometimes Linux makes me crazy.
  • From: AndyYankovich <andyyank@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 11:02:55 -0800
  • Message-id: <1109617375.7936.40.camel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Andre Truter wrote:
>Anyway, I think that Linux is wonderful, especially if you think that
>this is software written and maintained mostly by people doint it in
>thier free time and it competes with software written by people that
>get paid to do it. I am quite happy with Linux, and if something
>does not work, then I can help out by trying to fix it.

>Andre Truter | Software Engineer | Registered Linux user #185282
>ICQ #40935899 | AIM: trusoftzaf |

Well guys, Linux is a wonderful piece of work **if you are a software

But for one who is not an engineer of any kind, one who used Windows
only when Win95 came out because it was easier than DOS, etc., and one
who like many, many *new computer users* had no one sitting next to them
(like at work) to teach the little things of how to do anything, I feel
Linux won't get to be mainstream until Linux becomes standardized and
much more user friendly with live tech support.

I used Mandrake 10.1 first, gave up on that, then bought and installed
SuSE 9.2. I had no trouble installing it and in understanding how to use
the basic functions. But other *little* things have me stumped - like
how to install a software (firefox) upgrade when it isn't in RPM format.
And a lot of functions in the same "class" of differentness (a word?)
where I have trouble finding documentation explaining how to do it.

I am fairly intelligent, can read, and understand things. I was able to
go from Win 95 to Win XP Pro by myself and get to a point where I could
help others with their Windows problems. BUT, after a few months in SuSE
9.2, I don't think I will ever get to that point in Linux.

I know I used to spend hours on the phone waiting to talk to a Microsoft
tech support *live* human being. But it was worth it because I got
specific answers to my specific question. I was willing to spend money
to get the answers because I wanted to "use a computer". Simple reason,
but one that was totally achievable with Windows and *live* tech
support. IMHO only, THIS is where Linux needs to change.

How on earth can a person like me begin to truly "understand" how Linux
works if I cannot *talk* to someone who will lead me to even *ask* the
*right* questions? I will pay for the help. But where do I get the help?

I am quite serious about this post. Please feel free to contact me
directly by email if you know answers to this.

I have tried to find someone who is willing to spend time - for a fee -
with me on the telephone to answer questions as they come up. I know of
at least two other people who would do the same thing. I got them to try
Linux, but they went back to Windows. This is the kind of help we new
Linux users need.

Thanks for listening. Andy

PS: Another thing. I just tried to print out this email before I sent it
to be sure it said what I wanted to say. Can't figure out how to print
it before I send it. I saved it as a draft but still can't print it out.
I am using Evolution in SuSE Pro 9.2. Andy

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