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Re: [SLE] Sorry SuSE: 9.1 is Waste of time and money!
  • From: BandiPat <penguin0601@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 09:40:26 -0400
  • Message-id: <200405310940.26407.penguin0601@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sunday 30 May 2004 11:32 pm, Fred Miller wrote:
> >
> > Fred,
> > One part of your statement I agree with and that is to get good
> > hardware, it can make all the difference sometimes. PC hardware is
> > still some of the oldest and worse designed stuff around.
> > Everybody has their own standards, so few follow any rules in
> > building things.
> Intel publishes specs and some makers hold tightly to them and some
> don't. It's one reason I use IBM Intelistations, just to mention 1.

I think you may give Intel way too much credit here Fred. As you know
or maybe you don't, Intel didn't come up with the PC design, that came
from IBM, which everyone copied and changed when IBM released their
standards. It's been an ever evolving process since, with no one
following any standards but their own, even IBM.

> > The no SIS chipsets though, you are way off base! Apparently you
> > have had a bad incident with them some time ago and decided to
> > dislike SiS, but you are wrong not to recommend them now. I have
> > not ever had such good hardware with VIA or Intel as the SiS
> > chipset boards I'm using & recommending now. They have been far &
> > above better operating setups than any Intel or VIA I've installed
> > Linux on, with fewer bugs too. I've had really good luck out of the
> > AMD chipsets also and Linux.
> SiS AND VIA are junk, IMHO. I won't buy either and reccomend to ALL
> to stay clear of both. SiS is STILL junk.....end of story.
> Fred

As you mention, this is your opinion and everyone should consider the
source before razing you too much. ;o)

You might want to check your equipment though as I suspect you'll find
some VIA and/or SiS chips on them, since they are the two biggest
makers of many of the chips found on motherboards.


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