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Re: [SLE] Wireless, DHCP, Firewall Issues [SOLVED, sort of ...]
On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 17:40, Jim Poteet wrote:
> Scot ...
> Things quit working again.
> I did a reboot with the ethernet disconnected and the wireless card unplugged. After booting, I plugged in the wireless card and was able to ping locally, but not to the internet. A netstat command showed no gateway.
> I finally went to YaST and deleted the eth0 connection completely. I also blanked the gateway information. After exiting from YaST, everything works OK.
> There's apparently a lot more to working with two nic cards than I can understand right now, however, this gives me the workaround I need, since most of the use of this laptop will be wireless.
> Is it standard for the DHCP server to also supply the gateway address, as well as DNS information?

Yes, DHCP can supply not only the IP address but the default gateway and
the DNS information. That is fairly standard but configurations can be
changed to supply any or all of those items.

The fact that you get an IP address but no gateway means that either the
gateway is not being provided or when it is your system is not taking it
for some reason. You will need to examine the log files carefully for
an indication that something failed when the DHCP setup occurred.

Check the /etc/resolv.conf file for DNS entrys. You may want to double
check that you don't have two DHCP servers running on the network.

Scot L. Harris <webid@xxxxxxxxxx>

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